Thursday, June 11, 2009

THE wedding

that's right...i said THE wedding. this past weekend, my best friend, addie, married her sweetie, craig. (she's the one in the white.) anywho, a day later we left for our nebraska vacation...and since there are many people waiting to see these photos...i decided i better post. sorry they aren't in order...clif's computer is just plain weird....

vivian enjoyed time with all her "aunts"...and especially the luncheon on saturday at the museum of discovery. here uncle nick and aunt jenny help her put together a puzzle.

friday night at the shabbot dinner in the river market with the tam-yoders.

wedding day. high school girls: amy, cyn, addie, me and jenny.

miss vivian enjoying an apple (part of the centerpiece, mind you) at the museum lunch.

the lovely couple.

darci, bammom, and jacob....bride's family.

we had some special time, just us girls, at an afternoon "tea" at the capitol hotel's ashley's. really, we haven't changed that much in sixteen years, right?!

the "cotton blossom" dessert at ashley's.

aunt jenny being made pretty by her stylists.

aunt cyn and both kiddos.

aunt addie and miss vivian.
it truly was a very long, but AMAZING weekend. mazel tov, to the new lewis-kleins!!! :)

last day of school

another school year is officially over, and since we ALWAYS document the beginning....i thought it appropriate to do the same at the end.

vivian's teacher mrs. laura and mrs. cindy.

and well....that is all she wrote folks...let the summertime fun begin!!