Sunday, February 27, 2011

priceless art

at our house we often play the clean up game. and almost as often we end by picking up one of the kiddos and acting like they are going into the garbage can, disposal, toilet, etc. i know this may seem weird, but that is our sense of humor...AND they love it! so today i was playing this little game with bauer and the disposal when he started laughing so hard he passed gas right in my face!! clif roared, vivian, giggled, and the look on my face must have been priceless. so much so that vivian decided the moment must be forever remembered through art.

i give you..."the bottom is the garbage disposal, then there is bauer, and the top is his poots."
and just to prove we aren't a family entirely void of principles and couth...i give you masterpiece number 2...

God. notice the "g" on his shirt. when i asked why, she explained, "everyone needs a monogram...even god!" :) what can i can't argue with that!

Friday, February 25, 2011

a little sneak peak

guess what we saw today?!

this guy!! and some of his very cool friends...

as it happened, aunt su and i had planned to take our sweet kiddos to the zoo...little did we know there was a small group of blog moms getting a preview of our new penguin exhibit! of COURSE i asked to tag along...and i must say it was AWESOME! the exhibit opens to the public march 5th.

so check it out with your little penguins!

here is the link if need be...

contrary to this picture, even frances enjoyed them!

and of course that sweet baby hayes....well he enjoys everything.

and miss d, well, she NEEDS her beauty sleep!

and after a bit, frances decided that wasn't a bad idea after all.

my new favorite (aside from penguins, of course) might be the prairie dogs. they are so fat, cute and friendly. they even pose for photos.

unlike this motley crew. ;) maybe in another five years? here is hoping!

as if a pretty girl in a red dress wasn't enough reason for a post.

when i downloaded this picture i was immediately reminded of another that i took several years ago....of miss v!!

wow....that's quite a resemblance!

didn't you know?

that here in arkansas the week after you have eight inches of powdery snow you spend the entire day lying on a blanket soaking up the sun and the 75 degree weather?

good thing variety is the spice of life, eh? that...and that we have closets big enough for both winter and summer wardrobes!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's, wishful thinking, and photo reality

while the kids were at school the valentine fairy came to visit.

in all her infinite wisdom she saw fit to bring the kids matching swimsuits!! (wishful thinking? i think so...)

they were excited. maybe a bit too excited for pictures.

but after a quick change i managed to get a photo of the cool new suits...but let me be clear....

it was on take 27 that i actually got a blog worthy shot. maybe i should have entitled this post patience?! ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

sweet daddy surprise

this morning before he left for work...daddy brought his girls a surprise.

it made for some VERY happy little girls.

who were VERY excited about their sweet valentine's barrettes from aunt cyn!

so excited they even shared the THAT is true love!! ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

big girl?

miss v got a new haircut. she asked for a bob...a bit shorter than last time. at first i was a bit really does make her look like SUCH a big girl.

then i asked her to pose for some pictures, and i got a bit of this...

and some of these...

yep...that's still my vivian! :)

sunshine, naps and sweet siblings.

the storm is over. the snow is melting...and we are slowly starting to resume normal life. this post has no real point...just random moments i want to remember...

like sweet sisters giggling hysterically.

or how this big boy crashed after playing a bit too hard in the snow.

or how i found these two cuddled in the corner soaking up the sunshine, and eating crackers.
sometimes life isn't wrapped in a funny story or pretty bow...but simple moments often make the most precious memories.

Friday, February 11, 2011


just like his big sister...the boy has some very unique views. for example:

b: where is my transform?
me: actually, it is a transform-ER!
b: no it isn't.
me: oh?!
b: it is a BOY not a HER!!!
me: you're right...did you know his real name is optimus prime?
b: no no NO...he is a good guy.
me: i know.
b: no you said he WAS octopus CRIME. he FIGHTS crime. he is a good guy.
me: i'm sorry...your transformer is a good guy.
b: it's not a HER! (obviously frustrated) here mommy, you play with barbie.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

and....the storm

yep...the storm hit and we got around 8 inches. it was coming down too hard to play, at first, so vivian and her friend from school spent some time on skype. (please note the insane number of toys needed for a skype playdate. interesting, eh?)

and finally (even though it was still snowing) we decided we could hold the troops off no longer. so we bundled up and headed out...bauer and big e always have a good time!

and contrary to this did frances.

and even though the snow was fluffy, and not the best for sledding...these girls didn't seem to mind. afterwards...which is quickly becoming tradition, all the neighbors gathered (this time at our house) and ate a big pot of vegetable soup, cornbread, and let the kids burn off some more energy.

it really was a "super" storm...if i do say so myself!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

calm before the storm

i do believe this is it....i may not get a moment of peace for the next three days. bauer without activities is MUCH scarier than snowmagaden...let me ASSURE you! ;) everyone stay warm and safe...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

three sleeping babies

look what i found in vivian's room today. yep, three sweet, sleeping babies. please note, that she is such a great mommy they each have their own cuddly thing, blanket and pillow. i love that big girl! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

this just "wein"...

pictures from our fun outing with friends last week...(who are now back in wein)

when it was 70, and we drank milkshakes, and walked the big damn bridge. ahhh...memories of good times with good friends and sunshine....i'm going to sleep with my heating pad now. nighty night.

i know. i know. i'm tired of it too...

today was ANOTHER snow day. AGAIN. let's don't discuss it, okay? let's focus on the the sweet cuddle time after coming in from the cold.

who wouldn't want to snuggle with that big brown eyed boy?!

ahhhh...look at that sweet sleeping big sister. the snow just wore her out...

or not!! oh the joys of a five year old...i jumped out of my skin, and she laughed for ten minutes. silly girl!

frances frenzy

in just mere days this sweet baby girl will be ten months old. sigh. everyday she is learning so many new things, getting so big, and really becoming her own person. she is still the sweetest little thing...she loves to play babies with big sister. and eating...

well, let's just say she has that mastered.

a fact, obviously she is quite proud of...

she also (finally) has mastered the art of sleeping. anywhere, anytime....for instance on the way home from popa and dotdot's.

see? it is a pretty good baby that can sleep in a "ralphie" bunny suit!