Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the other summer

see this cute little girl? she is the daughter of "the other summer" (the pretty lady in blue). i can see from my traffic feed that when i submit a new post i get a lot more hits. so i am taking a brief break from all things day to ask something of you. please check out this sweet summer's blog. she is a wife, mother, and daughter, and not that you would know it by looking at her amazing smile, but she is struggling with inoperable cancer (for the second time). i know we are all tired of holidays, family, and for goodness sakes will the turkey ever end?! but i can't help but think of how she must be feeling during these holidays. so please, take a moment and pray for summer and her family...and if you feel led, follow her blog, and leave her a comment. thanks...your regularly scheduled day programming will now resume! ;)

photograph credit to lauren lea photography.

"days" with the reeves

i have an amazing friend...who besides being super talented, funny, and generous...also has kids EXACTLY my kid's age. we often to things together, and sometimes i remember to take pictures.

these girls really love each other, and who doesn't love a good trip to chikfila?

an afternoon at the pizza place after a morning of play!

and sometimes we pull the "switch" i get the girls...

and mr.b packs his bags to hang out with trip. what a blessing these friends are...we love you, reeves!!!

no way!

upon our return from florida, clif and i decided it was time to lower frances' crib. she is by far our tallest baby, but we really weren't worried, it was merely a precautionary measure....or so i thought!! that night after bath time, clif yelled for me to come to frances' room. i did...and saw this! say what? when did she learn to pull up to a standing position?!

slow down there little lady, you are only 7 1/2 months!! sheesh!

florida.....and the stomach flu

this year, for thanksgiving, all the day's made the trek to florida. that meant around 1300 miles for our family. we decided to break it into two days and spent the first night at a hotel in mississippi...oh, how those kids love the luggage cart!! i wasn't feeling the greatest, so i only took this one picture. i chalked it up to too much car time, and was grateful to be at mawmaw's by noon.

setler and bauer, quickly found each other...and....

for the first time ALL the day great grandchildren were photographed together. and yes, vivian is the next to oldest and she is only FIVE! and sadly this was the last picture i took. the wednesday before thanksgiving i got the stomach flu. i was sick all night and all the next day. i started to feel a little better on friday, only to find out that bauer had been sick thursday night (thank you gege for taking care of him), and all day friday. after some discussion clif and i decided to leave on saturday and put the bad mo-jo behind us. ummmm....apparently you can't outrun the stomach bug mojo (even at 70 mph), because just as we hit the interstate vivian started throwing up, and wouldn't you know it, clif was thirty minutes later. this continued for the next 300 miles until we called it a night and decided to try again the next day! can you say, ugh?! no....SUPER UGH!

the good news is we survived, but i have to admit when i was downloading the camera, i came across this shot of b. it was obviously taken in the guest house at mawmaw's in florida. i have no idea what was going on or why he is making this face. but i can safely say it sums up the thanksgiving stomach bug epic of 2010!

frances' first day of school

as i have briefly mentioned before, i have started working again. it wasn't the original plan, but plans change, and it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. instead of nursing, i am now teaching at the med center...and LOVING it. the only draw back is that frances HAD to start school.

at first she was a bit like, "what?! i'm not sure i'm okay with this, mommy?!"

but then when i told her brother and sister would be there, and i would send LOTS of mommy milk...she was good!

in fact, other than an unscheduled outfit change, i'd say the first day went pretty smoothly! :)

oh baby frankie!

sweet baby frankie (that is what bauer calls her) is growing like a weed.
these pictures were taken when she turned seven months and started crawling.

yeah...that made me happy, too!! ;)


this is EXACTLY how i feel. i have been sorting through hundreds of pictures, trying to make sense of the last few months activities. this was taken on halloween (yep, that's how far i'm behind), so i thought it an appropriate place to begin. oh...and no added pressure, but i need to have this all finished by january 1, so that i can print my annual book....no pressure, right?!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

our favorite photographer...

you KNOW who took these...

the one and only photographer in my world...

who loves these babies as much as i do.

and kindly puts up with their parents, too!! ;)

she even manages to capture their amazing personalities. sometimes sweet...

sometimes sassy...

sometimes funny.

any way i will claim them.

any "day" of the week!!

so do yourself a huge favor...if you live in arkansas (or any where for that matter, she loves to travel) check her out: the fab WHITNEY LOIBNER...you won't be sorry!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yep. that is the only word to describe my lack of blogging. i would say something like..."i really will blog soon..."but the truth is i am working four days a week, we just got back from a 1300 mile road trip, and there is no end in sight. i actually lost a child today in the laundry. no. joke. so thanks for loving us enough to check in. we love you, too...and we really will be back soon...(see? i just can't help myself, i did it anyway!)