Thursday, May 31, 2007

dear popa,

here is hoping you have a wonderful birthday. thank you for eating lunch with mommy, daddy and me, today. i had lots of fun with you and miss dottie.

i tried to muster up my cheesiest grin for our picture. i hope you like it.
lots of love, and hugs and kisses too...vivian caroline

Monday, May 28, 2007

setler griffin part deaux

uncle clif finally got to meet his new nephew tonight. gege was kind enough to watch miss vivian while we headed to the hospital to check in on the newest mulhearn.

everyone is doing great. setler is quite the little eater, and mommy su is recovering well from her c-section. daddy seth isn't doing too bad either, especially since uncle clif brought him some macaroni grill for dinner (what else would he bring?)

as you can see setler is more than just handsome, he is truly a BEAUTIFUL baby! and cooperative, too...what one day old baby keeps his eye on the camera?

this last picture is a special one, taken just for are her babies with the newest baby! enjoy gege (and rest up) there are more on the way soon!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

setler griffin mulhearn

setler griffin mulhearn is HERE! he arrived via emergency c-section at 2:32 pm weighing 7 pounds and 7 ounces. he is 19 3/4 inches long, and has beautiful blue eyes, and a bit of fuzzy dark hair. mom and baby are doing great! so welcome, welcome, WELCOME to our handsome nephew.

more picture to come tomorrow, when setler meets uncle cliffy!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

on the road to florida...

on thursday morning we headed out to florida. we planned a stop in mississippi (land that i LOVE) to visit great uncle marvin and aunt ferris. they live on a beautiful farm outside of hattiesburg, complete with a catfish pond, goats, garden and horses. in true hayes\day family style aunt ferris had prepared an amazing meal for our arrival and then it was "side", as vivian likes to say, to enjoy the beautiful weather.

here is the crew checking out the goats...

...and vivian feeding the horse a treat.

and of course, what girl doesn't love handsome, sweet uncle marv? after spending just one night, we were on the road again to the "other" day's. jennifer and tony were super excited to meet the next generation of day cousins....and even more excited to tell us they are adding to the bunch!!

they are expecting their first baby in january! congrats congrats CONGRATS to them! jennifer is a natural, as you can clearly see, vivian instantly fell in love and dubbed her "juju"!

family beach pictures

one of the main things we wanted to do while in florida was take vivian to see the ocean....and OBVIOUSLY take many many many pictures of the event!! :)

on our second day we got our wish. tony and jennifer were gracious enough to take us to pensacola beach. at first vivian wasn't too sure about the sand. "toes, ewweh! TOES!!" was her exact reaction, but after a while she warmed up. daddy taught her to play in the sand...

and cousin jenn was even kind enough to take a picture of the old married couple.

unfortunately, for those of you who know vivian....she likes to be part of the action, and of course here is the proof. she was a bit unhappy to not be the center of all picture taking activity.

so we decided to indulge her and take a few more family shots (please note, my butt isn't really THAT big....the wind was blowing up my maternity shirt!!)

it was a GORGEOUS day and the water was crystal clear...if only i could get that kid to smile on cue!! ;)

pawpaw griffin's

on day three it was on to pawpaw griffin's. this was the first time that vivian had met her great-grandfather. she loved him immediately (maybe because she LOOKS exactly like a griffin girl?)

pawpaw and sybil had prepared a yummy dinner of greens, chicken, sweet potatoes, cornbread and yummy chocolate cheesecake. then it was off to the back porch to enjoy the beautiful florida weather...

mawmaw day's house

...and finally we arrived at maw maw's house. this is brownie, commonly known as round-brown, due to her healthy curvy figure. she is the quintessential farm dog, and was very sweet to vivian, following her everywhere that she went.

vivian loved every minute of her visit with her great grandmother. she especially enjoyed tooling around the 52 acre farm on the "tractor". (please note that this is the baby tractor, i was too scared to let her ride the enormous big blue thing that is twice as tall as me!)

on a side note...notice that mommy isn't driving the tractor. daddy did offer to teach mommy but she declined. (if i have made it thirty years without knowing how, i will make it another thirty.) vivian is, of course, right at home on that crazy green must be day genetics!!

of course with vivian's strange love of all things "moo" she was completely enamoured with the cows. she patiently pointed to each of them and would name them either, mommy, daddy, or baby. very percpetive little girl, since many were pregnant or had just had babies.
all in all, we had a wonderful visit with family all across the southeast. we are now safely home and awaiting the arrival of our nephew, setler griffin. it should be any day/moment now, so check back for pictures of the newest addition to our family!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

summer days are here again...

the days of 90+ weather are here AGAIN. but rather than complain, vivian and i decided to take advantage of the situation. we grabbed her famous "sports illustrated" swimsuit, and my infamous maternity suit and headed to our friends, the reeves.

we had a wonderful time. she and her friend ruby spent hours splashing and pouring buckets of water on each other....and of course giggling like crazy people. (who knew a $30 blow-up pool could be so entertaining?) so get out there and enjoy your me, do it now before we get to the 100's!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

a REAL dog's life...

ok, so i couldn't resist posting this picture!!! i don't normally use my blog as a platform for my "political" beliefs, but for all of you out there that think pit bulls are is my ferociously mean ten year old bull dog.

in case you can't tell, my child has pulled all of the clean laundry off the couch, made a bed for the dog, (and even though it doesn't show, put socks on her feet) and then crawled in bed with her. and what was this unpredictable creature's response? to reach over and hold vivian's little hand with her paw....oooooooh MEAN bull dog. PUUUUUHHHHLEEEEEASE, people find another soap box!!!

just the girls...

happy happy mother's day to you all! today vivian and i had an easy morning, and then surprised granny b at church. she was so excited to show off her "baby" as she calls vivian, and vivian couldn't have been more excited to see her "nene".

we are taking it pretty easy this afternoon since we will be leaving for florida in the next few days. hope all of you have a wonderful day enjoying those special ladies in your life!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

mike the manny graduates!

on saturday we went to conway for michael's graduation. he received a bsn and we couldn't be more proud...

actually, doesn't it look like vivian is, maybe, the most proud?! congrats, manny...we love you!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

all work and all play...

...makes for a very happy vivian day!! today was a play date with our friends stephanie and ruby. it has been such a long time...i am not quite sure who was happier to see each other, the mommys or the girls. we also were able to see ruby's beautiful little brother, trip, who turned a month old yesterday. (i know i should have taken a picture, but it was hard chasing two, two year olds!!) after a few minutes of chaos, and some much needed jumping on the bed the girls headed outside to play...

vivian instantly fell in love with ruby's mower. i am sure that rex wishes that it was that much fun to cut their yard ;)...

then it was on to the play slide, where vivian and ruby took turns climbing, jumping and (of course) sliding.

poor vivian is sometimes a little less than cooperative with the excessive picture taking...

...but alas, she found solace again in the mower! she is definitely a griffin girl who loves the outdoors...right, gege? can you say "side pleese"!!