Monday, June 30, 2008

the "other" girls

yeah, that's right...the "other" reeves\day girls finally got to have a little "playdate". for the first time EVER, steph and i left the kiddos with the husbands and headed out for a well deserved weekend in dallas. we hit all the big spots (ikea, j.crew, crate and barrel, knox, godiva, etc.), and after a brief bout with food poisoning (DO NOT eat at the soup nazi), we headed back home...

get a good look at the odyssey minivan minus the backseat chairs.

and this was before we found this mexican roadside flea market!! there, steph got a table, fridge and stove for ruby, and i got this cute melissa and doug piano for only $10!! (these two guys actually clapped for us when we finished was a tight fit.)

and as you can see everyone was glad mommy was home...

or maybe they were just loving the new piano! ;)

this last picture is my "cathy" shot. look how the kids are evening out in won't be long until i start getting more of the "twin" comments!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

play, grow, play

bauer is changing so much. our new neighbor, sam, said the other day how he couldn't believe such a little baby could have so many expression. i never really thought about it until i started to look at some of his recent pictures. here are just a few in his repertoire:

the "hehehe" grin

the "ahhhhaaahhhhaaa" laugh

the cheese. i can't belive he is almost ten months, time is flying by and my baby is getting to be a big boy. and speaking of big kids...

miss vivian has been an angel with her brother lately. she is such a helper (and doesn't mind telling you...saying "mommy, look....i big BIG help you.")

play dates have even been more fun...she and ruby are getting along great (for the most part), taking turns in the sand and water table (minus the sand), and playing dress up, and giving each other love (even though it looks like strangulation).

sniff, sniff, where are my tiny babies?! i am quickly realizing this summer is flying by...this is the reason my blogging has been lagging...i am trying to soak up family time. i hope you are doing the same, and enjoying the gorgeous weather we have been blessed with thus far....if not, get off the computer and go do so...NOW! ;)

a date with popa

while making one of my ten latest trips to lowe's, someone approached us in the parking lot. it was popa! what a welcome helper (especially at a hardware store, and with it being 95+degree heat)...bauer was very excited to see him!

and vivian loved looking at all the flowers with him (so did mommy, since he has the greenest of thumbs and mommy's is a bit black). he even helped us pick out our pavers and new shrubs. thanks popa for a great treat...we'll have to do it again soon! :)

oh, and on a slightly related of the trips to lowe's was for garage shelving...and to make a long story medium, when reorganizing the shelves i found my old pageant costumes. i thought what the heck, they might be too big, but she would love them....INDEED!! this is the tap costume (i danced to "boogie woogie bugle boy") daddy designed. it fits like a glove. when i showed him the pic, i thought he was going to cry! wooohooo for grandma carolyn, who saved EVERYTHING! :)

"my first oreo"

by bauer g. day.

one day mommy told me i was big enough to have a cookie. so i said, "ok mom, bring it on." at first i wasn't too sure...
then i realized these were the greatest things EVER!!
and i said, "gimme MORE!"
"NOW, puhhhhhleeeeeease!!!"
and sissy vivian said, "i told you they were good, baby bauer!"
"shhhh, don't tell anyone else....then there will be more for us!" :)

the 'ellow pool

what have we REALLY been up to?! absolutely nothing!! we spend most days playing, painting, swimming, and cooking. vivian's favorite is without a doubt "the 'ellow pool" her daddy bought her. i think bauer might like it a bit too...

"hey mom, surfs up...let's go!"

vivian picked her own "swimsoup" this year. princess ariel...what else is there?

that silly monkey...still pumped up and ready to go!

oh wait, somebody else is loving life!

is this possibly the next cover model for sports illustrated? (i know it is supposed to be hotties in their skimpy suits....don't you think he fits the bill?) ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy dad day!

we love you daddy. thank you for everything that you do...even if it sometimes goes without thanks it is never unnoticed...sooooo thanks for chocolate milk first thing in the morning, for changing poopoo sheets at 4am, for writing secret love notes to mommy on quiznos napkins, for letting us dog pile you, for mowing the grass, for driving an hour out of your way to bring home memphis dondon's, for making pancakes, for buying us a swimming pool, for putting a roof over our heads, for letting mommy have her way (ALOT), for teaching us "part" noises are still funny (even when you are grown), for dancing to little mermaid, for making us our own pink golf clubs, for kissing our booboos, for getting us our first football when we were only 24hours old and still in the nicu, and for just being our hero (and most favorite princess)!! so have a wonderful day...and enjoy watching tiger kick some booty (AGAIN)! ;)


yep, just as the wise, WISE, cousin cathy suggested...the old camera has been found. i won't go into great detail, let's just say it involved a laundry basket, some computer cables, and bunch of garbage. somehow, i had led myself to believe that there truly weren't any pictures that i hadn't already downloaded, BUT i was VERY wrong. so to celebrate :) here are just SOME of what could have been lost forever (in no particular order):

the day we closed on our house. (it seems like we sat in these exact same chairs and closed on our first house not all that long ago.)
miss vivian took advantage of one of the many, rainy, may days and played in a few puddles.
aren't kids the greatest reminder of innocence...EVER?!
and speaking of is a very GUILTY miss vivian, caught red handed eating mommy's chili! silly girl!!
oh, i am so glad we didn't loose this one...bauer's new "come 'hither" look. teeeheeee. what a handsome hunk!
and finally, we have found a use for mommy's old or hats.
two very sweet kiddos posing for their mother (for a father's day card picture).
vivian had her last day of school, and even though she was just waking up from her nap, i HAD to take pictures of her sweet teachers miss kim...
and miss lori. this was such a great year in school, we could not have been more fortunate. these were the best teachers, taking so much extra time and effort. they truly LOVED their kids. we miss you SO much. (although we KNOW you had a great time in hawaii!)
a little project vivian and i worked on together. this doll house was around when i was little, but was in desperate need of repair. after a thorough scrubbing, and vivian selecting just the right paint and fabric, we assembled (together) to make this lovely home. some of the furniture had been stored from the summer we spent in dallas (circa 2006 ikea), and some i ordered from london. as you can tell she LOVES it.
on may 31st my dad turned 77. the crow's came up from texarkana and we enjoyed some family time. (notice vivian, like her mother and aunt shannon, is holding her baby). ;)
baby bauer always the helpful gentleman lends a had during the move. heheee.
this is just a little proof of the antics-o-bauer. he has become a real ham lately, and can make some of the funniest faces. this is one of my favorites.
so there you go, lost and now found. can you imagine if i weren't a religious download-er? i mean this was only a week and a half! shheeeshhh! ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little help with dinner

bauer has become a little bit of a momma's boy lately. in other words, he needs to be held ALL the time. his happiness is in direct correlation to his proximity to his mother (or more specifically her bosom). so making dinner is a bit of a challenge. today i decided to try a trick my mom used...

"hmmm.....what are these," he says.

"hey, i like this!"

"look, mom, these are cool!"
but wait...half way through the green beans, and before i could get the cake made...this is what started to happen...

"mom, hey, it's me bauer...i need you to pick me up now, it has been five minutes."

"hey mom, still down here...can you feel me pulling at your skirt? please pick me up...we don't really need cake anyway."

"maaaaaa.....m-m-m-maaaaaaaa!!!!!!! this is child cruelty! forget the cake...pick me up!"
in case you were wondering, we had lemon jumbles for dessert. ;)

drew and vivian sitting in a tree...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! seriously, have you every seen more of an old married couple?! these two LOVE each, we were only too happy to accept an invite over to the dillman's for a little lunch and pool time.

the kids were SO good at the picnic table...but who wouldn't be? don't you love a good apple and uncrustable?! not to mention a super yummy juice box!

then sweet vivian helped her brother apply sunscreen.

time for a dip!

ok, so about this is actually a swim diaper. (which non-potty-trained babies are required to wear) but this one might be a weeeee-bit too small! ok, so it is just plain ridiculous, but pretty funny for pictures, right?! after a long morning of playing...the kids were willing to sit for a little picture, talk about stair-stepped. (drew will be 3 august 28th, ben 2 on september 8th, and vivian 3 on the 9th.) they are so sweet!!

and of course, i know you were wondering about big 9 1/2 month old mr. bauer...well, after a quick swimsuit change he headed to his favorite spot at the dillman house, the swing!

that is one happy baby!! :)