Monday, July 30, 2007

happy number THIRTY!!

i almost forgot to mention that one of my favorite cousins turned thirty on saturday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLIE! his parents, candy and don, and his grandma catherine came in from ohio to help him celebrate...on friday we took him to clif's restaurant, on saturday, candy and i took him shopping (just what every man wants, right?!)....but it wasn't until sunday that we celebrated with a surprise party at the park. welcome to the club man....we love ya! :)

just a little side note...

susan and i* recently went to target and bought ourselves a little something. i guess we should have checked to see when the other was going to wear hers. here we our doing our best "target ad" impersonation. aren't we silly?

*yes, that really is bauer in my belly not a pillow, and NO, i am NOT having twins! :)

setler's baptism

the littlest mulhearn was baptized on sunday. he was the perfect little angel throughout the service (despite his mother and father's deepest fears he would be otherwise).

rev. dede roberts officiated at first methodist in conway...and all of the day-mulhearn's managed to look very serious during the service. ;)

after church we went back to su and seth's for a cookout and some family fun. the day family has grown over the last few years...joan has this great picture of the four of them (greg, joan, clif and su) circa 2000-ish, on the fridge and it always makes me giggle. in just a few short weeks we will be a family of NINE!!

if i do say so myself, we sure are a good looking crew!! and as you can clearly tell these grandparents aren't the least bit proud. ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

growing boys...

today we made a little day trip to conway to visit the mulhearn's. su and setler are doing well, and have finally found their groove. we ate lunch at this great brick oven place (su ALWAYS knows where the best food is...and she ALWAYS has coupons! you gotta love that!), and then did a little shopping. su and i both agreed we didn't have enough pictures of vivian and setler, so this was our attempt to capture the moment. i love how she looks like she is telling him something VERY important and he is saying "shhhh, i am resting now!"

and again here, "now, setler if you will just open your eyes and look at mommy and aunt su." she is so stinkin' bossy!....i wonder where she ever gets it? ;) clif, right?!

and growing girls, too!

we have been a very busy bunch lately, which is why we haven't had many updates. yesterday we took a break, however, and spent part of the day with parker and cill. after playing at their house we decided to take the girls to mcdonald's for a treat. here they are "discussing" which toy is the best...

and of course, who can go more than twenty four hours without a stop at target? (cathy?!) so we took the girls shopping. they loved looking at all the dora toys, and cill even found something for little bauer...but apparently it was just too much. after finding dora and diego pillows both vivian and parker set them on the floor (yes, i know, the horror, THE FLOOR!!) and said, "night night". cill and i couldn't resist catching it on film...after we laughed ourselves silly. thanks for a fun day, girls!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dinner and a movie

...or rather lunch and a movie. today vivian went to the movie theatre for the very first time ever. and like a good girl, she was sure to pack all of her snacks before we left the house (it doesn't take long to figure out that a drink is not worth $4...and that's a small!!)

we went to see "clifford the big red dog" at breckenridge (and in case you didn't know it was FREE!! apparently, this is something that theatres do in the summer for kids and their families...check it out in your city, i HIGHLY recommend it!!) as you can see she was truly enamoured...

...but of course the best part was that her friend, ruby, met us there. they were so great together. they decided it was much better to sit on the steps and chat and giggle intermittently. and on a side note, i would like to point out vivian's little shirt. this was a present from aunt jenny and uncle nick when she was born. it is from this amazing french boutique in boston called bonne pointe, and it finally FITS!! so thanks, yam-toders!!


so apparently vivian went on a "hunt" yesterday through the back closet. i had some things in there from my grandad's that i hadn't even bothered to really go through...don't worry, vivian took care of that for me. when i got home from the grocery store this is what she was wearing. it is one of my old tap costumes (circa 1979-ish) and IT FITS!! she thought it was SOOOOO cool and couldn't wait to show us her moves.

she even hopped up on the ottoman so she could have a better "stage". what a ham!! :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

ruby is TWO!!

as one of vivian's best friends, we could hardly wait for ruby's birthday party this weekend. here is the birthday girl in one of her newest acquisitions, rain gear from her grandparents...who wouldn't love that grin?

as usual, steph did a great job of making everything super CUUUUUTE...hehehehe ;) she is such a great mom, and friend, that she even managed to get a picture of vivian and i!!

...AND was kind enough to let overly excited vivian help unwrap a few presents....what a great gal!

unfortunately, being 8+ months pregnant and chasing a two year old didn't allow for much picture taking of my own. we did have a great time...i mean come on....cake, cream, good....friends, good....what's not to love?! happy, happy birthday, little miss ruby!

the "big girl bed" report.

as mentioned in a previous post, vivian has begun sleeping in her big girl bed. surprisingly enough we have had absolutely NO problems, what-so-ever. every night i wait for the crying and screaming to begin, but thus far she has handled it like a pro. clif has even taking to calling her "daddy's little teenager" because we now have to actually go in and wake her up at 8:30 or 9:00!! AND, her response is usually to rollover and ignore you. ;) sometimes, that kid cracks me up...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

happy 4th of july

just a quick little note to say that we hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth!!! (and thanks AGAIN to cathy and natalie for the hand-me-down)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

jackson is in town...

aunt shannon and cousin jackson are in town for a visit, and this picture pretty much says it all....yesterday, i don't know who had more fun, the kids, or popa laughing at the kids...they had a blast! never fear MANY, MANY, MANY more pictures to follow, soon...