Wednesday, July 14, 2010

buzz worthy love

even if i had tried...i couldn't have explained bauer's love of toy story any better than this! HIL-ARIOUS!


this week is vbs. the big kids have really enjoyed it, and f and i have really enjoyed our time together. we worked on a little project (which i will be revealing shortly), and had a few appointments...

but the best part was how excited the big trio was to see each other every afternoon! ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

tour de rock

believe it or not, this weekend we had nothing planned. i know, it IS a miracle! ;) so i asked clif if he felt like exploring the city a bit. he agreed and out we went. this little girl was pretty excited about the idea...

but this little boy, he wasn't quite sure. after a leisurely walk through nlr farmer's market, and a quick stop at the argenta market for drinks...we were lr bound via trolley.

the lr side of the market was packed. and truth be told, i was more interested in all the sights than taking pictures....BUT i managed to snap this quick shot of the kids waiting patiently for their balloon animals.

and the trolley man offered to take a family shot (yes, that is frances' little head...she slept the whole time). it was a fun preview (someone is coming to visit soon), and a relaxing way to spend a saturday morning.

happy campers

what are these little ones so happy about?

so intent upon?

this killer tv tent, of course!! i must admit i just hung the was all clif's idea. he strung twine from the television cabinet to the window and i used clothes pins to attach the sheets.

we then took the fold out mattress from the couch and put it on the floor and let the kids use their favorite blankets, pillows, and sheets....

these guys provided the smiles! :) i must admit this is MY kind of camping!!

our helper gege

gege generously offered to help us with our very busy week last week. AND, for a change, i managed to get a few pictures of her and the kids.

they aren't really the best shots, but they sure do show how much these four like each other! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

bestest bday buds.

i have been saving these pictures....

vivian's best friend, ruby turns 5 today!! she had a cool bday party at the rave where everyone watched toy story 3.

of course it was all put together by this sweet lady, ruby's mother...and my best friend. who incidentally also has a birthday very soon. we love you guys. happy day to you both!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

b's big bad day

today bauer had his second set of pet placed AND an adenoidectomy. uncle jon was the anesthetist again...and that helped mommy and daddy's piece of mind.

b was fine, he even managed to pose a little...

here we are sporting our "fake smiles". but, i must admit, i was nervous!! everything turned out well. the adenoids were occluding his sinuses by about 60%, but they weren't infected, and his new tubes just replaced the old ones that had fallen out. dr. jason even said his ears looked great! afterwards, the kid put up a bit of a fight though....he, not unlike his mother, doesn't deal well with drugs.

but never fear, it wasn't anything a few new toy story toys couldn't fix. pictured above: the EVIL dr. porkchop! :)

flowering frances

we had miss f's appointment at ach the other day. she and i are part of a breast fed baby study there.

and since she and i rarely spend time just the two of us...

we decided to get a bit dolled up and have a little mini photo shoot while we waited.

couldn't you just eat her up?! :)
for the record, this "beast" of a baby weighed in at 9lbs. 12 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long. woohoo, big gal!

Monday, July 5, 2010

one year ago.

tonight one year ago, at almost exactly this time, i was holding my beautiful oldest daughter in my arms in the preop area of ach. she was being prepped to enter the or for an emergency craniotomy. the surgeon had told us they needed to work quickly to elevate what was diagnosed as an open depressed skull fracture. i was numb. i was terrified, and my world was a haze.

for some reason i have never recounted the story on this blog. somehow typing in was too much. but on this night, the one year anniversary of the accident, i felt it was time to get it out...

it was sunday afternoon. exactly like every other. we had been to church, eaten our lunch, and taken our naps. i was being particularly lazy, so clif offered to take the kids out in the yard for a bit. i happily agreed thinking, i could use just a few moments of quiet. i'm not really sure what i was doing, or how much time had passed, but i know WHERE i was when i heard clif say my name. for the record, clif does not call me somer. truly, i have no idea what he calls me. wife, mother, ?...but that day he said somer. i was standing in our family room on the back of the house, and i know now, he was across the street and one house down....but it sounded like he was less than five feet from me. it was that clear....and urgent. i KNEW whatever it was, he meant that he needed me there. i went out the front door and immediately saw him running towards me. strangely i don't remember any noise. just him. he had both vivian and bauer in his arms and his white tshirt (a uniform of sorts for him) was red...blood red. there was so much blood in fact, i couldn't tell who was hurt. thoughts ran through my mind like: were they hit by a car? who do i check out first? was it a bullet? there aren't drive by shootings in our neck of the woods!! and then he crossed the street and i saw his face. then i knew it was one of the kids. at that moment the sound came back, and vivian turned and faced me screaming, "mommmmmyyy!" her face was a sheet of blood. even the whites of her eyes. and the gash above her left eye was the source. the gash itself was about an inch high, and two and a half inches wide, and unbelievably, about a half inch deep. that's right. deep. i could SEE her skull. at this point clif was crying, vivian was crying, and good lord forgive me, but i don't even know where bauer was. i ran to grab my phone and dial 911. clif grabbed a beach towel (we had just been to the pool) and held it on her head. when i got back i handed clif the phone and took vivian. and the rest is sort of in bits and pieces. the neighbor, a nurse himself ran over with a first aid kit. the fireman arrived and i could tell by his face it wasn't great. clif is kissing vivian and saying he's is sorry. i still have no idea where bauer is. although i do remember calling my almost 80 year old father and saying these exact words, "vivian has been in an accident. we are taking her to ach via ambulance. come get bauer, NOW!" (subtle and sweet, huh?) after that again just bits and pieces. my eyes were only on v. we talked about silly things. barbies, movies, scooby doo. i knew to keep her talking and awake was very important for a head injury, and for blood loss. i must say, i don't remember her crying too much, just whimpering and telling me she was hurt. i told her i knew, and we were going to fix it. (although i must admit i wasn't sure how.) it seemed like forever before the paramedics arrived. i crawled on the gurney, vivian still in my arms, and we were on our way.
the rest of the evening was slow and fast and surreal. initially, we were told it was just a bad laceration. they prepped vivian for sutures. clif arrived chauffeured by my dad. who apparently (i learned at a much later date) gave him a big hug, told him he was in no condition to drive, and that this wasn't in any way his fault. it wasn't until that moment when i saw clif's tear stained face that i realized i had no idea what really happened. i knew she had fallen off her bike...but that was about it. clif explained: "she was riding her bike, bauer was riding his trike. bauer fell off in the street. i went to help bauer, and told vivian to stay put for a second. she didn't. she pushed off, gaining speed as she went downhill. turned her wheel towards the neighbors drive and hit the bumper of the parked pickup truck...with her head. it was the most horrible thing i have ever seen. i couldn't let go of bauer, and i couldn't get to her fast enough." my heart broke for him. i told him i loved him, and i was NOT his fault. it was an accident. simple as that. the preacher arrived next, followed by susan and seth. not sure the order, but somewhere along the lines i thought to call jill, realizing i would NOT be helping with vbs the next morning. i had asked several times if anyone was concerned about a more sever head injury, but because she wasn't throwing up or had never lost consciousness, they didn't feel a ct was necessary. as we got ready to be sew up, the er physician removed the dressing and took a peak. she then quickly replaced it, got up, and said, "i'm going to go give my friend a call." i'm no dingbat. i knew what she meant. i said, "your friend the neurosurgeon." "yes." he was at uams, but we were immediately sent to ct. within the hour he came and said vivian's skull was fractured, depressed, and in need of immediate surgery. there are truly no words to describe. when i was pregnant with vivian i spent every weekend working for ach in the or. i had seen many skull fractures. they were NOT good. i immediately called the or, and it just so happened that those same ladies i had worked with for so many months were the very ladies working that night. all i said was, "cathy, this is somer. my baby vivian is in the er, and she is the craniotomy you just scheduled." my prayers were answered when she replied, "oh somer, don't you worry. your baby is our baby and we will take the best care of her."
and they did. as i look back at that night, one year ago, i can still see their faces as i held her as they put her to sleep....teresa, the scrub nurse came out to give me a kiss, before she scrubbed in, bro.guy said a prayer over her as we all held hands, and cathy put her arm around clif and i as she walked us to the waiting room. and at that very moment...even though i didn't know it at the time, an email had begun to circulate asking for prayers for our family.
several hours later we received the news that vivian had done beautifully. no brain bleeds. no swelling. and an elevation of the skull held by sutures not screws (this is best because screws don't allow for growth in young children). and after just a mere 8 hours in picu, we were moved to a room. and after a mere 72 hours in the hospital we were home. home. home, people!! with OUR vivian. the point?! in but a mere second, our lives could have been so very different...but for some reason we were blessed with a miracle. a miracle. and never again will a fourth of july weekend, or a single day pass without me thanking god. as i finish this post, i think about where i sat at this very time one year ago and where i sit now....clif is snoring, our new addition frances is cuddled up around my bosom, and vivian and bauer are snug in their beds. even if tomorrow is the i have been blessed.

the 4th

we started off the weekend with the day-lee tradition of watching the woody's fireworks.

the kids piled in the back of uncle jon's pickup and ate popcorn and had a blast.

on sunday we headed to popa and dotdot's (another tradition) had our annual family pic made and and had a lovely bbq.

the girls spent a little quality time together while the boys...

well, they participated in one of popa's favortie traditions...naptime. it was a lovely weekend filled with family, food, swimming, and of course naps. what more could you ask for?!

baptism x 2

on may the 16th we had a small dedication ceremony for frances at fellowship. she was barely a month old...

and teeny tiny. craig and harold said a lovely prayer...

and afterwards, whitney took our very first family of five picture.

fast forward almost two months...on june the 28th we had frances baptised at the methodist church. i know it seems a bit overwhelming, but joan pointed out that every single one of us (clif, i, vivian and bauer) had ALL been baptised on that altar (not to mention clif and i married) so it was only fair to frances to do the same. i couldn't help but agree.

so this time we went all out. when my grandad died i found my old christening gown (bonnet included) and that is what frances wore.

gege generously allowed vivian to wear one of aunt susan's old dresses. it was very sweet and dainty.

and we even managed to get a picture of all five of us on the famous altar.

sweet rev. will did the honors.

but by the end frances had enough....although her godparents didn't seem to mind. they love her regardless!

and apparently so do a lot of other folks. i will NEVER get used to this being our "group". when did we get so big?! we are obviously immeasurably blessed.

the real f

frances IS the sweetest, best baby. truly. but every once in a great while she pitches it. BIG TIME, and has a bit of an attitude. must be clif's genetics. ;)

baby blues...finally!

when i was a child i wanted blue eyes. my mother always called mine "cow brown", and i am afraid that was pretty accurate. i must say i selfishly prayed for my babies to have my husband's beautiful blue eyes. but alas, the cow brown won out (being a dominant trait, i can't say i was all that surprised). but alas...

we had little bit. doc said at three months we would be certain of her eye color....

so i can finally say i have a blue eyed baby!! wooohoooo!!

although i never get tired of waking up to this brown eyed man! :)