Friday, July 29, 2011



museum of discovery put on a little bubblepalooza...and these kids enjoyed every silly minute of it.

and might i did i.


Monday, July 25, 2011


every weekend there are parties, priorities, and it is nice every once in a great while when you just get to enjoy your friends and family. my beautiful friend steph and i have been trying to make lunch plans since....well....since her last birthday, and this saturday it finally happened.

we were also blessed with a mini-reunion of sorts with the smith family. although all the original smith kids have passed, my mother's generation is still going strong.

we were even able to visit with bobbie, who came all the way from lincoln!

unfortunately, on sunday frances had a bit of a summer cold and we were unable to attend the cookout. at first i was worried, (i'm not a fan of being sick in the summer) but then frances explained to me it wasn't anything a little double fist of milk couldn't cure. ;) i think we may have an ole miss co-ed in the making...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

blessed "day-lee"

this weekend these six little beauties gathered together to have a little fun.

play a little ball...

play a little with each other...

and play silly when their parents tried to get a group shot. :)
how blessed we are to call these children ours...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

friends, cousins, & vbs

today was the last day of the "shake it up cafe" at vbs. (and can you believe those sweet kiddos let frances be a part of their picture?!)

lots and lots of friends from school were there....

along with one of our favorite cousins, setler.

and vivian's friend, julia.

but my favorite part might just be the goodies they brought home. along with their bible verses and crafts they also made aprons and chef hats. vivian's had the cutest pattern....and bauer's...

well, he gives all new meaning to the "naked chef".

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

perfect get-away

spur of the moment we decided to head to the in-laws for the fourth. i must admit we are very blessed, it was the perfect little family get-away retreat.

these two cuties, loved gege and pawpaw's screened porch.

and have i mentioned my mil the master gardener? everywhere you turn there are these amazing plants.

and a FABULOUS garden, full of yummy home grown veggies.

this picture totally makes me smile. i remember quite well being totally enamoured with my grandad bauer's garden.

truly....just beautiful.

yep, her too...

and him! ;)

there was also lots of time in their pool.

um yeah...that's the pool. ;)

on the fourth gege had prepared a little patriotic goodies...

and glow sticks!

after a festive trip around the block as part of the neighborhood parade,

we enjoyed a yummy fried catfish dinner, surrounded by

joan's gorgeous flowers,

and grandbabies. :) perfect.


that's right...gege garden photo session. at first he wasn't that into it...

but since miss f,

and miss v were looking good.

he decided to give it a whirl too.

i must say...for spur of the moment...

they turned out pretty well...

and it was even kind of fun.

gorgeous babies...gorgeous gardens... while it lasted...i knew it was too much to ask for a group picture.



we recently took a little mini-vaca to nashville to visit the in-laws. while there i re-discovered my love of instagram (an iphone app). it was the perfect way to capture a photo a day to remember our lovely little getaway.

day one.

day two.

day three.

day four.

day five.
yep. simple. perfect.

it's an iphone summer

sometimes you can't get to your camera fast enough so an iphone will just have to do...and sometimes, just get a gem.

like these best friends celebrating ruby's 6th birthday with a little swimming...

and a little candy land.

or this crazy little man and his new mustache.

or frances' undying love for chili...

and afternoon naps.

vivian's newly painted toes in her newly white sandals.

a sweet boy after a day at the pool.

and of course, his sweet sisters.

and maybe best of all, three lazy children, enjoying some cuddle time with each other and their mommy. :)