Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow...or that's what we call it.

more accurately it was about 1/4" of snow covering two to three inches of ice...BUT some people didn't seem to mind!! ;)

i CANNOT believe we own a sled...but we do. i think the last time we used it was in 2007, but i digress...i CAN believe this is the one scenario where our otherwise too enormous hill is the perfect place to live!

and you can believe the kids were loving every minute of it.

and so was this big kid...aka the KING of the sled!!

pictured here with his favorite princess. BUT, after about 45 minutes the queen, overly pregnant (and afraid i was going to slip and kill myself, my unborn child, and the two little ones whose hands i was holding on to for dear life) decided we had enough...and inside we came to enjoy a hot lunch around a warm toasty fire.

on a side note, when you live in the good ol' south and snow\ice storms aren't part of your everyday life, you don't always own all the proper "gear". sometimes you just gotta make due....hence: bauer's girly long johns aka vivian's old tights. ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

special day

for some time vivian has been asking for a mother-daughter day. one where bauer goes to school, she skips, and we have a day filled with frivolous fun. the closer we get to our new arrival, the more i realize days like those are numbered, so i agreed. last night as i lay in bed and envisioned tea and cakes, pedicures and hairbows...the more i realized that it was now or never. when vivian woke up i told her today she would stay home, and we would have our "special day". she was elated...but when she asked what i had planned i froze. instead i said, "i promise we will do whatever it is you want." "goody, goody, GOODY!! can we eat lunch at larry's pizza?" "ummm, ok, if that's what you want."

and so we did. and look how happy it made my sweet girl. we also signed up for soccer, returned and checked out library books, and bought soccer gear. nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top, but definitely a day i will remember forever. for example: every time we would try on a piece of soccer equipment she would say, "mom, soccer is about being fast. can i test these?" then she would run about twenty feet from me, turn around, and run back. then give the verdict, "nope these are just medium fast." or "yep, these are REAL fast." also, it was possibly the greatest lunch time conversation i have ever had. we talked about grandma carolyn, the new baby, soccer, stranger danger, and heaven. ;) that's a lot to cover in an hour! the truth is, it wasn't what i envisioned at all...sending me to pick out cleats is like sending clif to pick out lipstick. but somehow, it was just what i needed...and wanted...a very special day with my girl.

soccer mom?

as i mentioned before, i know NOTHING about soccer, but today i wadded through the aisles of the sports store trying out shin guards and cleats. (ok so i called the mother-n-law AND susan, but i got it done!)

when we got home from picking up bauer at school vivian was ready to gear up and practice. (no, i have NO idea what bauer is looking at in this picture, but that face it hysterical!)

when daddy got home, we were already in action in the neighbor's front yard.

bauer even practiced his sport of choice: golf.

..or is that hockey?!

and look at our girl go!!

right before we came in, vivian asked me to "take a picture like her daddy". when i asked her what she meant, she said, "you know mommy, daddy's soccer pose!" :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


in case you haven't heard, we are southern. we do NOT do freezing temps well...and lately folks, that is ALL we have had!! so when hearing on monday it was going to be in the mid 60's, what did we do? you know we headed to the zoo!! :)
it was time for our annual family pic. (most likely the last one with just four.)

and a little time with mommy's favorite animals, the giraffes. (c, this is actually for you. remember how i keep saying our zoo is in the middle of the city...that's one of our big hospitals in the back, st. vincent's. incidentally, where ashley was born!)

and what would a zoo trip be without friends?! these guys were so excited to be outside they happily posed for pics...lucky me!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010's super....

what could make b this excited, you ask? must be his new supercape!! (and before you ask...yes, i made them and designed them, but no, my friend sarah planted the idea in my head.)

that's right folks now protecting the greater little rock area, i present super v and super b!

and they already have one victory under their belt. ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010


about once a week we swing by the library, participate in a craft and pick out some new books. this week there wasn't a craft...but we did get lots of new books.

fortunately for of the books had a craft suggestion. bunny ears.

now if only, like the book those big ears could get these sweet kiddos to have super powered listening skills!! ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my m.i.l. rocks!!

this particular blog title is true...for a multitude of reasons, but for today the reason is as follows...

it started with this note, that we received in the mail today...

and included two little laminated cards. one for a sweet little boy, AND...

one for a sweet little girl. yep, you know you're jealous. thanks gege. we love you, and not just because you rock!!

ummmm, on a side note.....i guess baby #3 makes hear no evil?! i have NO idea what made them pose like this when i said show gege how excited you are. trust me....they were MORE than excited!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wails, wedding rings, and reality

i was cooking dinner last night, and sweet miss vivian zoomed past me towards the upstairs.
"is everything alright?"
"yes mommy, i just need to potty."
"ok, the light is on in my bathroom if you want to use that one."
"thanks, mom." and she runs off.
i smile to myself, thinking how blessed i am to have such a big girl. ahhh, sooo proud! :) i continue with my perfect potatoes au gratin and meatloaf, checking periodically on the cake baking in the oven. lalalaaaa, life is sooo grand. i am becky homecky, and i have it all under control... (yeah right!)
i suddenly hear a scream that any mother KNOWS means business. i freeze momentarily, and then sprint upstairs like an olympic athlete....i find vivian hysterical.
"what is wrong, my love?"
"i'm (sniff sniff) SOOOO sorry mommy."
"what? did you have an accident?" (i couldn't imagine, it had been such a long time, but what could upset her this badly?)
"NO....but please don't be mad, it was just an accident."
"what was an accident?"
"i was just looking and i dropped them."
"dropped what?"
"your weddings rings.....but it was just an accident. i am so sorry."
"well vivian, that isn't a big deal....why are you so upset?"
she looks at me slowly, still sobbing, and all of a sudden i realized what has happened. still, i am afraid to ask, but i know i must...
"vivian, WHERE did you drop my wedding rings?"
"in the potty."
grrrrreat. i quickly decided at this point there was no reason to punish her, obviously she felt badly without any condemnation from me.
"well, that isn't good....but wait, have you flushed the potty?" (i inquire with a slim glimmer of hope.)
"no." (ahhhhh, huge sigh of relief. at least i will be able to fish them out. i mean, it's gross, but at least mine and my grandmother's wedding rings are not part of the nlr public sewage system.)
"ok, well then just calm down. mommy can fix it. i will go and get something to take them out."
"NOOOOOOOOO!!! you can't!!"
"why not?"
"cause i already did that."
again, already knowing the answer i ask the question:
"you did?"
"yeah, but i had to stick my hand way way WAAAYYYY down in the potty, where the poopoo hides."
sigh. grrrrreat. even better. so the rings are indeed safe, but.....needless to say a little (read: enormous antibacterial soap filled) bath was in order. along, with a complete bleaching of every surface in the master bath. so the moral to the story: life with a four year old....never dull, or perfect. ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

for a time such as this...

insomnia. it isn't uncommon. it isn't fun...and honestly most of the time it makes me MAD!! when i'm lying there in the dark, next to my quietly snoring spouse, and not so quietly snoring gets me going. at first, i might take a moment to check on the kids, go pee, make mental notes about things that need to get done....but then what?! i twist, i turn, i rearrange...nada!! then the clock checking begins....ugh! only three more hours until the kids get up, only two and a half, and so on and so forth.....
it wasn't until a recent bible study on esther that i was able to see this (what i considered) ailment in a different light. beth moore posed the question, "what if God is trying to have some quiet time with you?" hmmm...well couldn't he do that at 2 in the afternoon, i joked? but the truth is, in my overly scheduled life i had put God (like everyone else) in a time slot, and even though i was reasonably good about keeping that appointment, sometimes He knew our relationship required a little extra attention. so over the last few months i have been looking at my aforementioned insomnia with a new set of eyes. instead of angrily fuming from 2am to 5am....i quietly, ask God to reveal himself to me when i am confused. i humbly, ask God to hold my hand when i am afraid. and sometimes...just sometimes...i just listen. what a concept, huh?! i know this blog is supposed to be about our family, our lives, our adventures...and trust will be, with plenty of great stories and pics. but it is also a record that i am keeping for my children. a memoir of sorts, as to how their mother was not perfect (something i feel all too many blogs portray) but how i struggled, cried, laughed, loved, and continued to search and learn for the path that God intended for me....for a family.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

cabin fever

yep, we've got it. and we've got it baaaad. it is SO unbelievably cold here (or at least for us southerners) that we really haven't gotten out much. at first i thought it was just affecting me...but then i saw this.

hmmmm....apparently even new christmas toys can't entertain the kids. they've resorted to plastic bin hats. never fear, gege was here for a quick visit...

and that cheered them right up!

she even stayed to help us celebrate my birthday with a little birthday lunch.

but because the weather is due to get worse, and pawpaw has the flu she decided to head back to tn, and by day's end....this is what we saw. in her defense dance has been out for two weeks due to holiday break, and i guess she missed it more than i realized...but over your fleece pjs? really?!

so today i bit the bullet, and dressed the kids in multiple layers and decided to take the mustang (or as bauer calls it "my mutt-tang, my mutt-tang") for a little jaunt around the block.

i was freezing, but the kids were good. they even spent some time rolling down the hill...

and, of course, posing for pictures. :)

but after 45 minutes i knew we needed to head indoors. they were reluctant (and tried to make a great escape in their hot rod), but agreed once i promised hot cookies fresh from the oven, and hot cocoa. as i was preparing my aforementioned bribe they were cuddling on the couch, and when i walked in THIS is what i found:

i hope this isn't an outward sign that the "fever" is getting worse! ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and the winner is...

well, we have finally decided (we think) on a name for sweet baby #3.

after careful consideration, and throwing out a multitude of ideas (mainly due to the combination with the last name day)...

we have narrowed it down, and feel comfortable sharing.

but before i do, let me say this: if you don't like it, or knew some mean\ugly\fat\rude\dumb girl by this yourself a favor, don't name YOUR baby that name, and keep that information to yourself.

so without further delay i introduce to you (at least in-utero) emily frances.
or maybe emily katherine. we are still out on the middle name.
(yeah, and we reserve the right to change it at any given time.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

lists and stuff

today is freezing...with snow flurries (or at least what a southern girl would consider flurries, i saw about a dozen flakes at two different times), thus making inside time a must. and while my children play with their newest christmas acquisitions, and a big pot of red beans and rice simmers on the stove, i thought a little reflection might be in order.
i don't really believe in new year's resolutions, (i know, i were on baited breathe awaiting this earth shattering news.) but here are a few things i do plan on doing in 2010:
1. having a baby. yeah, i figure this is something i can TOTALLY do since i am currently 27 weeks preg.
2. drinking coffee every morning. i blame kat and\or clif for this one. cause really, what is a new year without a little blame?
3. make multiple lists of projects to do around house. ie...paint my childhood dresser for new baby.
4. stop making lists, and go and dance to the wiggles with miss v and mr. b.
yep, that is it...and i'll think i'll start now. toot...toot...chuggachugga...big red car...

*yes, this IS a totally random picture of vivian taken yesterday at our mother-daughter lunch. we decided to hit up cheeburger cheeburger after mckenzie's party. miss v asked me to take her picture with her new ring and painted fingernails. i obliged....and really what is a post without a picture anyway?!


first off, where did the last ten years go?! secondly, could i have imagined such a blessed life? NO WAY!!

new year's eve was a great example of how lucky we truly are...our dear friends the reeves' invited us all over for a low key night of food, fun...

and new year hullabaloo, complete with horns, poppers, and of course...

funny glasses and watching the ball drop.

there even were a few lucky smooches passed around! ;)

happy happy new 2010!! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

a new car!!

on the 27th we headed home from tn, because we had heard that santa had made a stop at our house. when we walked in, this is what we found...

needless to say, it was a pretty big hit!!

for the rest of the day, bauer refused to leave the drivers seat. seriously. no joke.

vivian was excited about haha's new outfit, too.

and then, as any good sister would, she kindly helped bauer with his stocking...since he still refused to get out of the car (even to look at any of his other gifts).

we finally gave in, put on out warm coats, and headed outside for an inaugural drive.

and folks, that is all she wrote. we hope everyone had a very safe and merry christmas!!