Saturday, September 29, 2007

out of the loop

sorry for the delay in posts. our seventh month old computer bit the dust recently...apparently the hated vista was corrupt. we STILL don't have the problem fixed. my kind father is lending me his computer to make this post. hopefully we will know something soon....until then i hope everyone is well...OOOOHHHHHH i almost forgot, my sim card\phone died if i haven't called you in a while it is because i don't have your me and let me know what it is! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

just to keep you going...

clif and i have some sort of flu-pneumonia-virus-of-death....i ran a 103+ fever all friday night and saturday, and then it started up again this afternoon. we are seeing the doctor tomorow. the kids are fine. vivian spent the night with her friend ruby (thanks steph) and bauer is the champion chugger of breast milk (so that should keep him safe). we will keep you posted...and thanks for all you prayers, kind calls, and is one of the latest of the day children, just to keep you going!! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

happy birthday VIVIAN!!!

today is officially vivian's second birthday. i can hardly believe it has been two whole years since this little being first appeared. as most of you know she is full of opinions (where does she get that?) and has a heart of is hard to remember the pre-vivian era, but then again who wants to? ;) happy happy 2nd birthday miss vivian!!!!*

*on a side note the party yesterday was a huge success, thanks to everyone's help. pictures soon to follow... :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

bauer gregory day is here!!!

on thursday august the thirtieth at 10:06 am, bauer gregory day made his debut. he weighed 8 pounds 11 1\2 ounces (i want credit for that extra half ounce i had to carry around) and was 20 1/2 inches long. his head circumference was a whopping 14 inches!! (can you say thank god for c-sections?) he had a bit of trouble deciding to leave his comfy home inside his mommy, but after a lot of tugging and pushing and an intervention by mean mr. forceps, he finally emerged from his mommy's pelvis. upon his arrival he took a great big breath, and unfortunately instead of gulping air, got a big mouth full of mommy's extra amniotic fluid (instead of the normal 750cc mommy had around 2000+cc). even though he made a nine on the apgar scale he began to breathe a little erratically and quickly (called tachypnea) and was taken to be observed by the near term nursery. upon further inspection it was decided he had aspirated, and would need to be admitted to the nicu. even though we were very nervous, bauer showed his true clark-day genes and in just five days was released to go home...other than a little jaundice he is perfectly fine. now enough with all this are the exclusive pics you have been waiting for...

bauer's big day

as is tradition in our family (we have the exact same pose when we left to have vivian) here is our leaving for the hospital shot...yes that is really ALL my belly!! hard to believe, but in just a few short hours a human being will emerge...

here are clif and i right before being wheeled into delivery. i learned form the last time that better to sit up straight and not look at clif ...this pose when vivian was born, became quickly known as the "somer eats clif" picture!

and finally the moment of truth...bauer gregory day arrives!! he was covered in vernix and let out a nice loud cry. check out the cheesy grin on that sliced open mom!

...and of course the best moment ever...the moment i first saw my son! most everyone has seen the proud daddy face, but this time i got to be a part of the picture too...much thanks to miss joni, my kick butt anesthesiologist for taking pics AND giving good drugs...what more could you ask for?

meeting the crew...

so after his big arrival it was time for him to meet the crew. all grandparents were on hand, along with lots of other friends and family. we were of course most excited for vivian to meet her new baby brother. at first she didn't know what to think...she just held on to HER new baby...not sure she was ready for the bigger version.

then showing his amazing daddy skills....clif found the perfect way to introduce them...I LOVE this is my new favorite!

and of course even though we have lots of shots of family i had to post this one of great granny b. for a woman who had never SEEN, let alone held, a newborn baby until vivian was born she sure does look like a pro...and a perfectly proud great granny!

the hospital days...

so as i said, they wanted to watch bauer's respirations very carefully so he was admitted to the nicu. this didn't keep us from taking tons of pictures (cathy, aren't you proud?)

and even big sister vivian was able to visit..although as you can tell she was a little scared of all the machines.

finally bauer's tachypnea resolved and we were able to room together. here are his first pictures "tube free" AND with clothes!! this outfit was sent to him from nebraska by his cousin darlene...

and of course MOST important...were the grandparent pictures. gege could hardly wait to get her hands on her new little man (he seems to know just exactly how important she is...look at him checking her out!)

and of course popa and dottie came to visit as well. he also seemed to note that this was THE guy to take naps with...sorry, dad, but we know it's true! ;)

finally home

so after five days at the hospital bauer was cleared by the neonatologist to come home. we were THRILLED!! here is clif with bauer and his first football :)we headed straight home where bauer had his first meeting with momo and gigi... ...and then, later on, had some quality time with big sister vivian!!....don't you think she is a little proud? thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. we look forward to bauer meeting all of you!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

baby bauer is here!!!