Saturday, October 25, 2008

yep..that's right...

i am from arkansas, and i love the hogs, and i rarely say ANYTHING when i am incessantly hounded about MY alma mater, BUT....

just because i have listened to an over abundance of smack this week....
HOTTY TODDY....GO REBS!!! :) woooohooooo!!!

now, here is the REAL question...should i make fried, baked, stewed, or boiled crow for clif?! ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pumpkin patch KNEW the pictures were coming!!!

the 2008 pumpkin shot. in case you forgot check this out....can you believe how much difference one year makes?!

this year we ventured a little further from home, and were joined by the james' and the loibner's. i must add that ALL of the crew were amazingly well behaved.
we had a nice hayride to the pumpkin patch...

where the kids got to choose a pumpkin they could carry. sorry little baby bauer, i don't think so... maybe next year.

ummmm....maybe next year for you too, miss vivian.
apparently, my little ones think they are BIG kids...bauer does look like big stuff in his overalls!! ;)
ok, so maybe mommies had to help everyone pick pumpkins. :)
this little baby didn't seem to mind....he was having a great time either way.
then it was back to play, run through hay bale tunnels, pet animals, and eat lunch.
everyone really enjoyed themselves....don't you think?! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

harrison baker turns 5...

and all i took was this one picture! (but it sums up the party quite well!!) on saturday we went to the jumpers for hbl's 5th birthday party. it was great! even bauer and dad got in on the fun. vivian was a wild woman and was so intent on playing it was hard to get her picture. i finally just gave up, and joined in on the fun!! :) happy, happy birthday hbl, we love you!!

oh yeah, on a completely different note: BOOOOOOO STINK! sox, i still love you (no one in all of boston does, but iiii do)!

dancing with dora?

i thought it was dancing with the stars. well, i guess dora is a star of sorts. wow...extra points to bauer for the horizontal spin move, and kudos to vivian for the lift. i give them both TEN!! :)

bit o bauer

just to start the week off is a bit-o-bauer for you. we were having a special breakfast (sissy was sleeping late) and watching the news, and i was able to capture these few moments, that are SOOOOO him, mr. personality. what one year old has this range of expression? it cracks me up...

mmmm....what do we have here?

huh, did you want something, mom?

hmmmmgrrrmmmmmmhmmm....these are good!!!

oh, you have the camera (again)....cheeeeese!
and a little bauer bonus....BUSTED in the bath tub!! teeeheeee! i love that crazy baby!!

big kid table part two

we LOVE being big kids...and eating snacks side by side!!

uh-oh...maybe there are a few kinks in the system.

"hey mom...she is taking my food!!"

yeah sis, you just keep on talking while i finish off these strawberries. where-ever does she get that incessant talking gene? ;)

daddy's new shoes

seriously...everyone knows you MUST try them on before you wear them right? isn't it great clif has so many helpers?!

"mom, i think these might be too big!"

and guess what else? vivian took this picture, i think her skills are improving...exponentially!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


that's right folks.....$5.43!! that is how much i spent on halloween costumes this year. (and three bucks of that was for the pig noses!) so can you guess what we were? here is a hint..."i'll huff and i'll puff..." still not sure? the three little pigs and the big, bad, bauer wolf. :) did i mention the $5.43?
vivian is telling miss audra..."don't be afrared [afraid-scared], it's just me, vivian."
the church carnival was early and really great this year. vivian particularly loved the slide.
and she wanted to do it "all by my-self". look at how HIGH it is!!
and of course her boyfriend drew was there...they are just too cute! :) so that is one halloween event down, only FIVE more to go! (i hope $5.43 will last that long...)
btw, check out the post pics added! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

slide stepped?

i think the saying in stair stepped, but alas su and i were so busy chasing the kiddos we didn't have time to think ahead and pose! we had a wonderful morning at the park\ much so, that when we were leaving vivian said, "mommy, that park was weally [really] great!" so was the company, thank guys. :)

i'm pretty sure bauer LOVED the swings...don't you think?

vivian has become the best "jungle" climber...

but she really liked riding double in the swings, too.

setler enjoyed talking into the microphone thing...with a little help from his mom.
and in case you didn't catch it the first time...bauer REALLY LOVED the swings! (seriously, this was his expression the entire time.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tammy faye vivian

for those of you that are new to this parenting thing here is a VERY valuable piece of information. quiet does not necessarily mean good. and here is the proof.
bible study\dinah's birthday brunch is at my house tomorrow, so while i was downstairs pulling out the cup and saucers, finding my flatware, ironing linens, etc...vivian decided to decorate herself with mascara.

i have NO idea where she comes up with these hair-brained ideas!! oh well, at least the mascara was a lot easier to wash off her face than the chocolate was to come out of the carpet, right?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

this just in...

i always wanted an older sister, and my cousin cathy fits the bill perfectly. she sends emails\packages\goodies\knowledge on a regular basis, and i LOVE it. but today's was especially great. enjoy...

"Funny grandmas story. Mom told me that one time my grandmother and yours were standing side by side and my grandmother noticed that while she was taller, your grandmother's shoulders were higher. She mentioned it and said, "How can that be?" Without hesitating, Juanita answered, "You're deformed." And they both burst out laughing. I thought that was cute."

big kids & tattoos

i could not help but take a picture of the kids before school last week. they were both in such a good mood and looked so sweet. since the blog is their baby book, i feel the need to mention just a few of the things that they have been up to lately...

bauer has really become a toddler, running everywhere and loving to play hide and seek. he can say just a few words now: sissy, mama, dada. hi, bye bye, ball, uh-oh. but, most of all he LOVES doing anything and everything with his sister. everyday at school she sweetly gives him a hug and a kiss and tells him to "have good day baby brudder". :)
vivian is growing in leaps and bounds, too. we have noticed a lot of new imaginative play ("now YOU ariel and I am snow white, bauer.") and as always her vocabulary is off the charts ("bauer you behavior is frustrating me."). she also has found a renewed love for all things dora, and was only too proud to sport her first tattoo for a picture!

and most exciting...bauer and vivian are now both eating at the big kid table. all together now....awwwwww!!!!

elephants, rhinos and bauer?!

this week at the zoo there has been a very important new discovery. i believe the genus species name is baueris eatemupus. look at its fierce snarl...scaaaarrrryy! :)

and here are a herd of wild children. from left to right 3, 4, 1, 2. yep...we are busy around here folks.

and FINALLY there was an appearance by the very elusive rhino. seriously, we go to the zoo OFTEN and this is the first time they have been out.

bauer was so excited..."look mom, do you see it?"

"of course you do!"

i cannot believe how fast he is learning new things...

and what a fashionista little miss vivian has become! check out her shades and knee socks.

and of course, doesn't every good trip end with a carousel ride*?!

*please note the very rare appearance by that strange woman, i think her name is mom, on the merry go round...that is usually a daddy ride.