Sunday, August 30, 2009

bauer's BIRTHday #2

we started the day off VERY traditionally. in case you have forgotten, this is the football clif bought for bauer the day he was born! every year we take a picture of the two of them with THIS ball....

wow!! he has really grown...check out past posts!
next we headed to church....bauer sporting his new bday shirt from the mulhearn's. after a quiet lunch of bauer's choosing ("sammies pleeease!"), we tried out some of our many new costumes.

did you know buzz lightyear, space ranger is also buzz lightyear, pirate? who knew that guy could multi-task?! ;)

THE party

it only took us one year to make the executive decision to have one birthday party for BOTH kiddos....and i must say i don't regret it a BIT! as per tradition i made the invites....but this year vivian was a big help. after i printed them in black and white, she colored each one was unique! and before we knew it....
it was party day! the following are just a few of the fun moments captured by our sweet friend whitney...

here, her boys, wilson and campbell, are helping prince bauer put on his magic crown.
and just some of the amazing gifts...

and the MOST amazing birthday girl, who will officially be FOUR on the ninth!! (seriously?! when did that happen?!)

there was play time of all sorts, story time of the classic "tortoise and the hare", an animal show-n-tell (a bunny and a turtle to go with the story, of course), and a very magical cake!

bauer and daddy were pretty excited about the cake. ;)

there was also craft time where we made crowns, magician hats...
swords and magic wands!

then it was time for the BIG birthday song, and the VERY important blowing out of the candles!!

we even opened a few presents!!

can you tell he is a little excited about buzz lightyear? thanks to all our family and make birthdays and everyday blessed!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

it's a new day

so just in case you are one of the three people out there who haven't heard...

WE ARE PREGNANT!!! it is early, but we are very excited (and a bit scared, too....i mean, come the kiddos will outnumber the adults!) the newest addition will arrive in april, and we can't wait...woohoo!! and btw, no summer pregnancy for me...double woohoo!! :)
oh, and just for are three people who HAD heard...and were pretty stinkin' excited!! how cute it that?!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

we're baaack!!!

after six weeks with nary a drop of water on the booboo....guess who went swimming last week?
we did!! and i wasn't the only one who was excited!!

we did our usual picnic lunch, laying poolside,

and thoroughly wearing ourselves out!! oh how mommy enjoys a nice peaceful afternoon of nap time. who needs school!? i LOVE summer!!!! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

memphis and plan b

last week, steph and i thought it would be a great idea to FINALLY take all the kids to memphis. we loaded up the car first thing monday morning, and headed out. even though bauer was fussy, we persisted and ended up at the children's museum by noon. folks, this is the ONE and ONLY shot from the entire trip.

soon after bauer developed a 104 fever, and we spent the next 36 hours trying to figure out what to do...we decided to call it quits tuesday afternoon, and headed back to the rock, when wouldn't you know we ran out of gas on the side of i-40....and only about 100 yards from the galloway exit!! so there we were, two preggos with four kiddos four and under, broke down on the side of the road. needless to say, steph jogged (yep, i said jogged) to the gas station and saved the day.
after our illness and adventures, we decided the next few days would best be spent laying low at home with a nice cup of tea.

even the kiddos concurred!! ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

an old classic

everyone has heard of the classic tale of the three little pigs...BUT...did you know they are descendants of our family? just take a look:

there is the sometimes crazy mommy piggy.

the always silly daddy piggy.

and the very happy gege piggy.
and the big BAD wolf vivian, of course!! but wait....

i didn't know there was a fourth piggy? or is that the piggy from the shining?! ;)

nashville visit #2

last weekend we headed out of town to see the grandparents. it was lots of fun, but i only took a few pictures (i know....the horror!!). gege did think to have the kid's picture made outside at the BEGINNING of the day (smart move gege, before the stains of lunch and playtime).

of course, we made a stop by the rainforest cafe (vivian's pick), and mommy did a little back to school shopping. that night there was some much needed "sugar bowl" tasting. ;)
i think these girls like each other just a teeny tiny bit.
don't worry....she loves her pawpaw, too!
the next morning we locked the kids in the bomb shelter and had a little time to ourselves. jk, we took them to the custom house museum and to downtown square.
the entire basement of the museum was set up for toddler play....including a very cool supermarket....

where MANY groceries were purchased.

and two HUGE model trains were on display. (look you see his little finger pushing the button, and his little mouth forming the choochoo noise?)

this was by FAR bauer's favorite part! as expected we had a great time, and it went by WAY to fast! thanks gege and pawpaw....we love you!

just because

it my blog and i'll post if i want to....
random pictures IIII think are special.

like when siblings look sweet before bed time. oh, come know you like it too!

deep thoughts

b: oh buzz, i love you, buzz. you are the coolest EVER! take me to your home planet...i will be your wingman!! did i mention i love you?!
v: weeeee....weeeee....mommy gave me a quarter!! :)

sunny smiles & stubborn sweetness

yep...that title pretty much sums it up.

ahhhh....sweet siblings and summertime!