Friday, October 29, 2010

free friday

because i am working more, our schedules have changed, and we have just been so dern busy...we have seen less of the reeves' than we would like, but today we managed a super fun play date! i had read about free scary pancakes for kids at a local restaurant, so we met there early...

and while the kids enjoyed their frightful delight....steph and i caught up.

and so did bauer and trip. next we headed to this super cool new playground where i did not take a single picture...but the kids played for over and hour and thoroughly enjoyed the tire swing and multiple slides. in fact, vivian enjoyed her morning a little TOO much, because before we hit the boulevard she threw up! and continued to throw up the ENTIRE way home. luckily, it was just too much spinning on a full stomach, and made a great excuse for a relaxing afternoon at home and an early bath and bedtime.

which is when we discovered these matching pjs. both are hand-me-downs, but given to us by two different families. so cute, perfectly matched...and FREE!!

yep, sweet girls...that makes me happy, too!!!

a very special dinner guest

tuesday night we had a very special surprise dinner guest...our cousin christy from nebraska!! she just happened to have business in the area and we got the treat of having dinner and hanging out with her. two blankenau sisters in arkansas in one year...a super treat indeed!! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

pretty in pink

what? somebody (okay, twelve different people in less than two hours) called me a boy?

i know...let's put me in bubble gum, cotton candy AND pepto-bismol pink, and have a photo shoot! we'll show them.

but first, i must rip these accessories off my head...

and TASTE them!!

hmmm....yes. quite delicious!!!

what?! you thought that was funny?

oh crack me up!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

milk lady memories

i have no idea what we did this weekend. we didn't have any parties. i didn't take any pictures. we just hung around, watched football, read books, snuggled, and spent time together. the kind of unremarkable weekend that makes the very best memories! and speaking of things i want to remember....this is how i am greeted every morning by the youngest member of our family.


"oh yeah....i know you! hey there milk lady!!" :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

parsley and the dance class

today was my last day with vivian and her family. in the morning we went to school (like always), but...

this afternoon we went to dance class. vivan loves ballet and tap, and i got to watch the whole time. it was WAY cool!!

next we went to pick up bauer and frances at vivian's popa and dotdot's. they are really nice and have VERY yummy crackers at their house. tomorrow i go back to school and will tell everyone what a great week i had at the day's house. it has been fun guest blogging, but the mommy will be back soon....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

parsley and the MANY parties

after a fun morning with gege and at the park it was time to come home and clean up for party time.

first was our friend isabella's 6th birthday.

it was a candy land theme with a fun jumper house. we really liked it.

next, it was harrison's 7th birthday. at the last minute, the mommy decided i might feel left out, and since she had leftover fabric from making frances' costume she whipped up "incredipig". i really like it!

we had a really fun time at the party. so much fun, that the mommy forgot to take a single picture.

she did get a picture of baby frances being incredibaby, jack jack. frances has some fancy super sitting all by herself! :) that IS a tricky one...

friday and a visitor

friday morning we were very busy. we ran a LOT of errands. so to ensure that i didn't get lost i spent a lot of time vivian's mommy's purse. i like it. there is a LOT of stuff in there to play with!

on friday afternoon we had a very special visitor, gege! she was very cool, and even spent the night. the next morning after a yummy breakfast made by daddy. we headed to the park.

i really liked the swings.

and vivian and i played the coolest game.

but soon i got tired, so i asked to hang out with frances and the mommy. they made a nice spot for me in the sling.

after i rested vivian showed me how to climb the tower...

and even took me for a bike ride! weee....don't worry i ALWAYS wear a helmet! :)

parsley and the soccer party

on thursday the big kids had school.

so we all got ready early and headed out.

i wanted to spend the day with vivian, but i didn't want to interrupt her class, so i kept an eye on her from her cubby.

that night was a fun end of the year party for soccer. we had yummy pizza at american pie. all of vivian's teammates were kaitlyn.

and of course bauer and frances.

vivian even got a trophy with her name on it!

and just like the last two nights i got to wear comfy matching jammies and we read lots of cool books. the day house is great!

wednesday with parsley

wednesday at the day house is very laid back. we spent most of the day playing hide and seek.

rolling down the hill

or climbing in and out of the shrubs.

vivian was very concerned as to why i didn't have any clothes, so we decided to make me some. luckily her mommy can sew (a little bit). so she made me two new outfits. here is one of them. vivian picked the fabric for me, and i LOVE it!!

meet parsley

this year vivian's class has a pet. his name is parsley and he is a pig. every week a child is chosen to take parsley home, care for him, and add to his scrapbook of adventures. this week it was vivian's turn, and to say she was excited is an understatement!

the first thing parsley did was meet the family. he was pretty excited to know he would have lots of folks to play with.

next it was time for soccer...the LAST game of the season.

parsley wanted to support the blue crushers, so he donned miss v's signature bow, and cheered from the sidelines.

and even though it was very busy introduction to the day house, we still enjoyed a quick bath, clean pj's, and a few stories before bed. welcome parsley...we are excited that you will be our guest blogger for the remainder of the week!! :)


everyone around here has been sort of busy. i've been too busy to blog. the kids have been too busy....wait, what in the world could hold three kid's attention like that?!

oh yeah....the leapster!

Friday, October 8, 2010

blue crushers

our soccer days are coming to a close. there is only one game left this season, and while i will be happy to reclaim my tuesdays and thursdays.

i will be very sad to no long have a reason to gather with these great folks on a weekly basis.

there is always someone there to hold your hand, hold your baby, or just help you hold on to your sanity.

and yep, the game itself is pretty enjoyable as well.

so thanks blue crushers, for another amazing season....we are so honored to be your coaches and your friends. :)
*you KNOW who took these fab photos. miss whit! ;)