Friday, January 30, 2009

not-so-baby bauer and the boston red sox

sometimes in life it is just easier to list than to write in complete sentences. today is such a day...
1. vivian spent last night at ruby's. so mommy and mr. bauer had some bonding time.
2. if ONLY it really were baseball season and wear flip flops again.

3. my sweet boy is turning into a chunky monkey (only 1.5 lbs shy of his big sister).
4. cathy, i hope these pictures will suffice...i haven't finished the alphabet.
5. sorry kat, i know you love st.loius....but i must confess, we have boston ties.
6. jenny....these are for you. happy belated blog birthday!
7. i double dog dare you to say this baby looks like clif....MEMEMEMEEEE!!!! ;)
8. have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the famous and the infamous

so SOMEONE'S birthday is today.... who could it be?! oh, i know the FAMOUS cousin cathy from ne!!! yeah yeah YEAH!! and to celebrate we have posted the now INFAMOUS picture of "head gear and chicken pox". lovely ladies, just lovely!! ;)
hope you have a wonderful day!! we are sending our love....(ok, and our giggles, too!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

clutzo update part TWO...

focal bone contusion on the posterior lateral humeral head....aka bruise on bone....aka NO BIGGIE! (although i beg to differ on the pain front.) so that's it. we will see what the next step is, but the good news is it isn't surgery!! thanks for all the prayers.

for those of you that have asked. i am FINE!! for those of you that don't know...i had a teeny tiny (ok, a great big, hilarious-if-it-didn't-hurt-so-bad) fall down the stairs. other than a nasty black and blue (with bits of weird green) bruise on my left hip, and a sore shoulder i thought i was good. i mean, i'm not 16 anymore so i was gonna be sore a few days, right?! welllllll.....a few days turned my booboo into something a bit more (realizing i can't bear the weight of the baby, or even my own arm) and loooong story short the doc thinks i have torn cartilage in the shoulder (known as a labral tear). DON'T FREAK (cathy). on monday (hopefully) i will have an mri and find out what kind of tear i have....and if it requires surgery. (doc thinks is will...but really what does he know?) ok, so that's it. clif is here (he came in early) and as soon as i know more i'll post...hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

dirty means dirty

the other night vivian put on her elephant jammies and then asked me to do the same. i told her i couldn't because they were dirty. quickly, a barrage of questions about WHAT exactly made it dirty, WHEN would it be clean, WHO made it dirty, WHERE was it dirty, ensued. as i tried patiently to dress her fresh from the shower, and very squirmy baby brother, i also tried to answer each question. finally, after ten minutes i said, "vivian it just IS dirty. i CANNOT wear it. i'm sorry." this was NOT the answer she was hoping for...and so with a pouty lip, she turned and walked down stairs dirty nightgown in tow. as i finished getting bauer ready for bed i heard talking...and then giggling. a few minutes later vivian reappeared upstairs, with her daddy not to far behind....

and this is what i saw. ahhhhh, how sweet! daddy going that extra mile to make his baby happy! i grabbed the camera, took a picture, and then quietly whispered, "that gown is dirty." clif replied, "that's ok, it can't be that dirty. but why did you just give bauer a bath?! didn't he just have one earlier?" "yes honey he did, but he just barfed all over himself and my elephant pjs." ;)

vivian's first haircut

today was THE big day...haircut day. after a brief consultation with miss stacey...

we were pretty excited to sit in the big girl chair.

uh-oh....maybe we are just a weeee bit nervous?!

nah...we are good, mom!!
and snip snip...we were all done! (honestly it was just about four inches at the bottom, and after talking about it for WEEKS, she acted like it was no biggie!)

after sitting SO still, and being so brave, we were off to do WHATEVER miss vivian could think of....and what did my girl pick? the zoo.

it was there i realized my camera battery was dying, but not before i captured these two wild cuties!! :)

new babies

while in tn, two very special little girls were born. on monday vivian and i went to visit magdalena rose. she is the third child to our very sweet friends david and sarah, and she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! also, little harper brown stamps was born to my blogging friend kelly, and her husband scott. harper was a whopping 9lbs 12.oz., but has been flown to tulsa due to respiratory problems. (to see the full story check out the link on the side bar.) please keep these beautiful, new, little girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers!

tennessee travels

and we were visit the in-laws new digs in clarksville.

the kids were FANTASTIC in the car. we drove three hours, stopped, ate and played for an hour, and then drove the remaining two hours.

over the next few days joan and i did lots of "decorating" and other organizational things...but don't worry...the kids found ways to amuse themselves.

there were two very popular items:

a bunch of fake flowers and old lampshades. seriously, they did this all on their own...NO prompting!
at first bauer was content to just laugh at sister....

then he decided to try it on for size! unfortunately it was SO cold (two days it didn't get above single digits) we didn't get to explore much (and for some reason i didn't take many pictures), but we had lots of great food and even better company. soon it was time to make the trip home. this is the last shot i took...

why i felt i needed a shot of the kid's in the mcd's line?! who knows....

Friday, January 16, 2009

THE red coat

as usual, the wonderful cousins natalie and cathy have sent us a fantastic package of hand-me-downs. we were especially excited about this new red coat and matching hat we had heard so much about...

isn't it sweet?...wait a minute....

i don't think that is for whom this ensemble was meant!

awwww...what a sweet girl!
and a much more appropriately dressed boy!

off to school! thanks gals!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

dear friends

we are so blessed to have the lee's as friends. i have said it before, but i feel utterly amazed at how quickly life has begun to fly by. it seems like only yesterday harrison was born...and yet now we have five kids between our two families!! even beautiful baby jon embry is now able to sit up by herself and is 4 months old!! and sweet baby bauer is CLIMBING on the couch at only 16 months old!!

this trio is also growing in leaps and bounds. harrison will start kindergarten this fall, thomas' vocabulary is out of this world...and miss vivian, well...she is just as sweet as that smile suggests!!
every once in a while i even get them all in one frame....miracles DO happen!! ;)

today is "A" day

after careful thought i have decided to add a little "school" time to our play days. everyday vivian and i will talk about our "theme" for that day. we are starting slowly, (and at the obvious beginning) so today is sponsored by the letter "A". we colored Ants, and talked about where they live, we gathered things Around the house, and even Acted out Actions that started with our letter (Anger, Afraid, etc.), but the most fun (according to vivian) was our craft: the Apple puppet. when i asked her to show it to me....

this is what i got....teeheee..... :)

popa and dotdot's house-o-fun

one day last week we stopped by popa and dotdot's house to visit, and they had the most fascinating of new toys...

a cardboard box. the kids could NOT get enough!! they laughed and laughed...

and played peek-a-boo, and had the best time!!

then for dessert, dotdot made this amazing strawberry trifle. not to be outdone, bauer decided to show off his amazing spoon skills. that's right, BOTH hands need a spoon to keep a big boy like bauer satisfied. although i should note that he is predominately left handed, the right hand is just for an occasional snack. ;)

5th annual...

time to join the next club. this year we all turned 32, and decided to take our annual sucky birthday bash to trios. we had a great night...thanks lee's!!