Friday, June 17, 2011

a little business venture....

hello everyone! i think it is about time to make a little announcement (nope, sorry, no bun in the oven, here!!)...

i have been waiting for sometime to officially open my etsy shop. as most of you know, i have been sewing for friends for years.

it is such a fun and creative way to express my deep love of textiles! so without any further ado...

i welcome you to "caroline kate" a little brand that i have been secretly working on for over a year, but will be officially starting over the next few weeks.

i will begin by offering just nap mats (pictured above) for $20!! if you have ever priced these before you know this is a STEAL! this set includes the nap mat cover, a coordinating pillowcase, and an attached ribbon tie that doubles as a handle for easy carrying! here is how it works. you provide the fabric (i will specify yardage) and i provide the labor...easy as that! please feel free to contact me at with any and all questions. in the near future i will be adding more items (take a sneak peek below) but until then, i look forward to hearing from you! and please...check back often for give-aways, and updates! :)

super duper hero capes.

sweet and sassy baby items.

perfect and practical pillowcase dresses. (did i mention they are reversible?!)

custom brother sister creations.
happy shopping!

*photo credit the fab whitney loibner.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


it is finally here....summer! (well at least in our books) we have been spending lots of time here, on our new swing set (thanks lee's)...

and here, running through the sprinkler with friends!

and by the way, don't you wish you could rock a bikini like this girl?!

of course we also love meeting friends at the is saturday's crew.

sweet sister giggling in the shade makes me smile...

and who wouldn't love these red headed cuties, sydney and kate?!

but even with all those day genetics, sometimes we need to head indoors for a little cool down time. our favorite place is the historic argenta district library with miss kathy and her crew. they are currently signing people up for the summer reading program and will have fun activities like crafts, puppet shows, story time, and much more all summer!! check it out here....and we will see you there!


our weekend was filled with lots of fun:
1.mulhearn birthdays...

our sweet niece and nephews celebrated their birthdays this past weekend. daylee and hayes will be one in june and setler turned four in may. unfortunately, this was the only picture i took...but it really sums up how much fun everyone had at the party!

2. memorial day camping with gege and pawpaw...
joan and greg drove the rv down and everyone gathered for lots of fun and grilled goodies. the babies three.

the big kids three.

and the silly three! i'm not sure who had the most fun, the kids or the grown-ups!!

3. max is 80!!...

and to wrap up the weekend we had a little birthday celebration for popa who turned 80. (i know the cake says 81, dotdot said that was one to grow on.)

it was a marvelous, merry memorial day weekend!!!

bye bye bradford

ironically, i took this picture just a week before...a week before what you ask?

a week before this. ugh. we loved our beautiful pear tree, but one day while clif was working at his desk he heard a crack-crack-crack and a boom and looked out the front window to see this. it was gone. :(

and even though it was sad, and vivian cried (as did i a bit), it was kind of fun watching our cute axe men work. :) thanks to everyone for lending a hand.

last day of school

another year has FLOWN past...this was v's LAST year in preschool.

these sweet girls...eva, vivian, julia and meredith...have learned so much in the last year (not the least of which is how to pose for a cute pic!).

miss frances had a great year too...

as did big brother, bauer! in fact, bauer has already asked when school starts again. ;) i feel confident the little ones will enjoy another great year with these fine teachers....however...

this big girl will be headed to elementary school. thank to the fabulous mrs. kay for preparing this class for big things next year.

say hello to the class of 2023!