Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the football: year 4

today bauer is four. per tradition, every year we have his picture made with his daddy with his football, just like the day he was born. this morning.

at age three.

at age two. (see i told you he didn't always have a ton of hair.)

at age one. (ahhhh....look at the thunder cookies!)

and as a newborn. man, that ball is really shrinking!!

in addition, i think i need to record the fact that this year bauer's instinct wasn't just to hold the ball and pose. we had a couple takes, one of which involved some sort of heismann thing?! oh my...i hope i'm equipped to handle this growing boy! :)

the littles first day

on monday, the littles had their first day of school.

big sister was so excited for them...and they were pretty excited too!

here is our big boy, bauer who will be in the 3 year old class. wow...how he has grown!

but wait...i thought baby frances was going to school...ohhhh, THAT is baby frances?! and she is in the toddler class? say it ain't so!!! ;)

daddy and his little dude.

frances attempting to get her cheese on. god bless her, she just doesn't have it quite down yet.

but she gets an "a" for effort!

and look on this special day the unthinkable happened. a picture with the elusive mommy!! :)

sunday funday

sunday we woke up very early (not that unusual now-a-days), and decided to head to the zoo (VERY unusual). cooler temperatures were predicted, and we knew our weekday trips were behind us now that we have a kindergartner.

our first stop...the penguins.

they love those silly cutout penguins! :)

the dudes...enjoying themselves as well.

my girls checking out my favorite animal...the giraffe.

and even though they SAID it would be cooler, by the time we reached the end it had neared 100 heat index. so miss frances decided to check out the misters. (check out daddy's face in the background...LOVE it!)

and just for the record, bauer has been scared of this gorilla for YEARS!! but all of a sudden he MUST have his picture taken with it...i was happy to oblige! and when i turned to get a sweet picture of miss f in her stroller, this is what i saw...

if the baby is checking her email via iphone, i guess that meant it was time to leave. ;)

next we headed to popa and dotdot's for a little more birthday celebrating. we were excited about the batman cupcake ring, but little did we know THIS was waiting in the other room...

a BATCAVE!!!! i have never seen anything so awesome...apparently neither had batman, because before we could get home...

he was out. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

big bauer's big birthday adventure

a certain little boy will be four on tuesday....yep, our big man b!!! to celebrate we decided to have his best buddy, trip, spend the night. but before we could embark upon our all-things-dude adventure...we met up with aunt kaylynn so that vivian could have an all-things-sparkly-and girly adventure for HER birthday (yes, it's just around the corner, too)!!

i think she was a bit excited, no? ;)

and speaking of excited...our first stop for bbbba? chuck e. cheese. (lord help me.)

they. had. a. BLAST!!! i, nor the camera, could keep up.

next it was a little dinner at gadwall's with a very special birthday cupcake. the sweet birthday boy's reply, "thanks guys!!" :)

i do believe they loved the icing most!

but know what causes even more excitement amongst four year olds?!

a brand new captain america costume!!

what a great start to being FOUR! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

week in review

one of these pretty girls started her second week of kindergarten...the other one, well she had a busy week too! ;)

we started the week with a photo shoot. we are working on a special project for someone's birthday. i do believe this little girl has got the smile on cue down pat.

later in the week, as this knee socked cutie headed out the door...

the littles and i headed downtown to the rivermarket to meet friends. while we were there we roamed the farmer's market and picked up some fresh peaches and tomatoes. and soon after, we were ready for our fun adventure at the game and fish museum.

bauer really loved the oars,

and even though this picture is blurry, i think you can tell someone else did too!

because the temps had reached near 100 we thought it might be a good idea to finish our day at the splash park. frances dove right in and LOVED it.

and even though it took hersh a few minutes, he was having a blast too!!

i just love this picture...it really sums up these two: always in motion!!

and do you remember bauer boxer? well...he's back. punching away at the water....what to do with that child?! :)

new do

we have been working on a few new hairstyles. this one i stole from a fellow blogger...

and pinterest. not that i am a bit prejudiced, but...

that is one cute kid...if i do say so myself!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

day four

oh how i love that sweet girl!

and oh, how she LOVES kindergarten!

today's lunch was pretty plain jane...but wait....

there was a little hidden surprise, thanks to my new found friend, foodoodles!

after we dropped big sister off in the big carpool lane (lordy mercy, i may never get the hang of that!) the littles and i were off the have some fun.

that baby boy is really getting just too big, too fast...

wow...and this one is growing even faster!! and before i could take anymore pictures, our playmates showed up.

the super sweet day cousins!! miss dj loves striking a pose.

and look how these babies have grown. weren't we just preggo, aunt su? i guess it is time to get out those bricks... ;)