Saturday, February 7, 2009

confessions and picnics

i must confess, i don't know about everyone else, but i find that my energy level is directly correlated to the amount of sunlight. and lately, there has been a pitifully small amount of both. but, today was great! we decided to have a picnic in the yard. even vivian kept saying, "what a beautiful day to have a picnic!".

the kiddos snacked, while we lay on a blanket.

vivian played shy with the camera.

and even played hide and seek with mommy.

bauer ran around the yard. and folks, it was bliss...hope you and yours enjoyed that rare creature...sunshine.


friday was a BEAUTIFUL day. (the first we have seen in a while) and with whom else would we spend it but ruby!?!

and where else?! the zoo!!
we even spent a little time on the playground.

the rocking animals were a huge hit!!

and both girls insisted that i take their picture as they "posed" on the bear statue.

but really this picture sums up the day. complete and total giggly fun!

warning: trickle down effect

no this isn't a story of is a much more important tale...of trickle down learning. vivian's love of dressing up has trickled down to her brother...

she often dresses him in what SHE deems fitting.

hence the photo above.
most of the time I, however, find dress up to be a wonderful opportunity to teach the beauty of autonomy. (ie dressing yourself) here bauer takes to MY ideas. look at him figuring out those tricky socks.

almost got it....

uh-oh...looks like the trickle down of learning has somehow meshed with the autonomy of dressing...and poor momo is the victim.

the week in review

clif has recently acquired two new markets, so work has required a lot of extra attention. for our little family this means a few more nights without daddy. we are sad, but have tried to keep busy (and are exceedingly grateful we are still employed after several layoffs).

this week (as is murphy's law) the day that clif left...bauer got sick. after a quick check by the doc it was determined he had two infected ears...AGAIN! arrrgh!! this time it even affected his poor little eyes. he's still smiling for the camera...but he just isn't himself.

so after a little extra love from his sister, an antibiotic, and some eye drops...

he was much better. he had even gotten himself a little snack from the pantry, and i still haven't figured out how he reached the flatware?!
midweek we headed to popa and dotdot's. sitting in popa's lap and being read a story is always a hit. dotdot even made us a yummy dinner (so mommy didn't have to cook). everyone really enjoyed themselves, so much so that when it was time to leave.... get the picture. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i could write lots of snazzy things about girlfriends, and their love of fancy hairdo's (scrunchies included), their intense debates about important matters (who should wear what), their need to be "fancy", and the insane amount of giggles that happen late in the night...BUT this post isn't about steph and is about our girls, vivian and ruby.

we have decided to let the girls spend the tonight together once a month. steph took the first go round. they had a GREAT time!!! we can't wait for next month...we love you, guys!!!! :)