Saturday, September 8, 2012

wps...little rock style

today was our first tailgate of the 2012 season. i must say for almost 7, 5, and 2.5, we did pretty well.  after much fiasco last year, i remembered to get a family picture first thing AND to remove my glasses (note to self, ask tall person to take shot so poor clif doesn't have to squat down. sigh.) 
this beautiful girl was so excited.  she helped keep up with baby sister and even shared her snacks. LOVE her! 
ohhhh the baby beast. what a ham. 
the girls and i snuck away from the sysco tent to visit a few sweet friend laura insisted on taking this picture. i'm so glad she did! :)
meanwhile...this big dude was having a blast.  i have a feeling i might be investing in one of these foam fingers soon. i have yet to hear the last about it. 
and can you believe baby beast actually smiled for the camera? no was just a fluke... 
this was the next shot.  oh, that child. she makes me as crazy as much as  i love her!
finally, we decided it was time to head home. (the kids are just too little to take to a game just yet, and dear lord it would take a small fortune to pay for a babysitter all day AND tickets for clif and i.)  we got smart this year and parked at my office. the kids were so excited that they wanted to take a picture right outside "mommy's work building". was tough, but i obliged. ;)
by the way...if you love frances' could be yours! check it out by clicking HERE! :)

soccer isn't for the weak...but it may be for the PINK!

these are our sweet pink tornado soccer girls, and today they had their first game. it was pretty interesting to say the least.  these sweet girls (who mostly have been playing for two or three years in micro) had their first big game with a real official, quarters, a goalie, and oh yeah...score keeping!
this is OUR pink tornado. :) yep, she was ready!!
ready with a little elbow action...
and to steal the ball...
 and to score a two goals!!  it wasn't long before the other team decided to change their strategy
and THIS girl came to guard vivian (or whatever the proper soccer term is).  umm...okay momma is now nervous. that girl is a FOOT taller! was a nail biting moment, bauer.

but apparently only from the sidelines...cause here she goes again...
to score two MORE goals! i was amazed! now i know this story is told from this momma's perspective, but i gotta add...all the girls (yes an all girls team) were amazing!!  we had some fabulous saves by our goalie, great hustling up and down the field, and wonderful corner kicks to teammates!  i guess i AM really looking forward to another soccer season. does this means i finally need to breakdown and learn all the rules?! ;)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

TEN years

on march 9th clif and i celebrated TEN years of marriage. ten years. TEN!! i can hardly believe it. i wanted to have picutres made as a gift for the both of us...and to mark the occassion so a friend met us and took a few family shots. this was our favorite.

chicago or bust

over spring break we were lucky enough to head north with our best buds the reeves' for a little mini-vaca to chi-town. other than b getting a 104.4 and taking two trips to the er, it was great fun. seriously, it was...check out the pics...classic shot at the shedd.

patiently waiting in their chucks. :)

wow, mom...did you see that eel?!

handsome boy checking out the tiny fish.

our super strong, strong man.

strolling along navy pier at sunset.

even strong men need a spot sometimes.

chicago skyline.

rainforest cafe...i know, we have all been before, but it was great valet parking right near michigan avenue (we gotta get our shop on!) and walking distance to garrett's popcorn (don't even get me started about that line!).

the kids thought this fish was hilarious...they said it looked like popa...teehee!

penguins. LOVE this. the costumes...too much!

our own circus act.

our crew at navy pier.

sweet b.

LOVE the jellyfish.

pretty flower girls at the children's museum.

spinning acrobat miss v.

after building our skyscraper.

brother sister love.

hilarious shot of bauer.

big girls.

silly boy.

american girl store.

3d movie for her.

and for him. it really was a great trip. v and the reeves' even made it to the zoo and rode the l (v's first subway ride). thanks reeves'...looking forward to the next adventure...

a walk in the park

you know...that first warm day in march where the air is still crisp, but the sun is so warm. ahhhh....well that day we headed to the park and had one of the best days on record. the kids drove along the path...

talking, giggling and discovering new frances and her shadow. :)

one of the rare occasions that is completely normal and fabulous all at the same time.

january february 2012

just as this picture says...what are you lookin' at? so i've been busy. i have started a pretty successful small business venture, kept three small children alive and a husband happy. the blog has gone to the wayside. :( so here is an overview of the first few months of 2012...

frances starts the "nonono...iiiiiii do it" phase.

spent some nice cold afternoons reading with popa.
pete and repeat at the newly renovated museum of discovery.
before church one sunday...the girls getting glamorous.
fierce bauer imitating fierce dinosaur.
my life in nutshell...always behind the scenes trying to capture the moment.
thoroughly enjoying the "iiii do it" phase.
cheerleading camp with kindergarten friends.
fun ride at mod.
at cheer camp when frances first saw her big still my heart.
ohhhh frankiestein...and her love of the muck-ba (milk bottle).
LOVE these sweet sisters.
cold winter day swinging at the park.
and sliding.
daddy won TWO top awards this winter.
our teeny future nlr cheerleader. :)
the family at lowe's on a build to grow saturday (good heavens b needs a haircut!).
even in the off season this boy is a football fan.
or maybe just a fan of all the attention. ;)
i get get it!! siblings.
special treat breakfast at waffle house.
awards assembly where miss v won the principal's award. :)
super proud mommy!!
even more super proud bauer. the man LOVES a bow tie!
proud aunt kk too.
vivian testing out her art skills by drawing a lion.
classic frances.
vivian was asked to join advanced readers. this was her very first ar book!
like i said...busy....but blessed!