Sunday, July 22, 2012


a couple of weeks ago my sister kaylynn, better known around these parts as aunt kk, and i had a brief discussion about taking the big kids on a little mini-vacation. i promised to pull together a few ideas and get back to her. little did i know what a fabulous surprise SHE had planned!! we left thursday and headed out of town. after checking into our hotel we had dinner at the dixie stampede. i'm not sure who was more fascinated bauer, vivian or myself, but if you haven't been...well, just go! it is a fun little adventure from start to finish complete with horses, buffalo, singing, dancing, comedy... and oh yeah...dinner! the next morning we awoke bright and early for a special character breakfast with scooby and shaggy, complete with mystery machine punch, daphne round cakes, and shaggy's breakfast pizza. then it was off to the park with our trailblazer passes. (these awesome little things allowed us to not stand in the 1.5+ hour lines, but head straight to the front!! woohoo!!) we also caught two different shows, a bazillion bubbles and the wallenda family circus. (this is THE guy that just recently walked across niagra falls on a tight rope!!) the next day we headed to our private cabana at the white water park and had the perfect fun but relaxing day waterside. the pictures aren't in order, but are a wonderful glimpse into the fabulous kk-cation we were able to enjoy!! thank you SO much aunt kk (and uncle nick) we had the BEST time!!! :)

vivian and mommy at lunch on thursday...ready to start our adventure.

everyone at the dixie stampede dinner and show thursday night.

aunt kk and bauer.

time for tea...teaCUPS that is!

every time we rode the lost river, some sweet little boy seemed to always be on the side of the raft that got the biggest splash. ;)

this was his assessment of what he thought of the ride that made him "bath tub" wet.

little bit of white water fun. this was actually the view from the cabana, perfect for kk and i to relax and watch the kids play.

sweet aunt kk is a good trip planner, but doesn't much love the scary rides. this is right before she and bauer tried the roller coaster for the first (and last) time.

kk is however, a GREAT photographer of those who do ride the roller coaster (mommy and vivian are in the second cart).

did i mentioned we opened AND closed the park? ;)

yep, more water fun...

first day, excited for kk-cation to start!

meeting the blacksmith at sdc...

bauer really liked the big sword!

at scooby and shaggy's character breakfast...check out that mystery machine juice.

my beautiful babies having a blast!

vivian is our ride QUEEN! roller coasters, spinning tops, swings, you name it, she would ride it!

this sweet boy and his mommy not so much. :P

but i do believe he loved this water slide.

LOVE these two faces!

so excited to see scooby and shaggy.

before the wallenda family circus.

after the riverblast...soaking wet and happy!

with the famous nic wallenda. the show was amazing, but i'm sure pretty easy to him since he just walked across niagra falls on july 15th!! WOW!!

mommy and her big guy on the train.

pretty girls on the train too!

getting revenge as they spray the next group of people on the riverblast ride.

SO excited!! teehee...

next to ride the flying elephants.

with dolly's horse of many colors.

in the flooded mines ride.

bauer was chosen to go on stage in the gazillion bubbles show (not only because he is precious, but because his aunt kk does everything first class. she made sure we had show passes that avoided the long lines, gave us a special side entrance, and had our front row, smack dab in the middle seats saved for us!!)

i have no idea. b just being b.

bazillion bubbles guru deni yang had no problem putting our cute little guy in a big bubble!

these two sisters had a fun fun time!

the bubble guy, deni yang, and our crew. whew...what a wonderful, amazing and exhausting weekend! i can't imagine a better kk-cation!! :)