Monday, April 13, 2009

easter morning

easter, easter....EASTER!!!! praise be!!!

this is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. the amazing sacrifice of god's only son...i must say has a whole new meaning once you are a parent! our day started off great...
i think vivian's reaction says it all...
the baskets were a hit, thanks eb.
bauer liked carrying his basket everywhere he went...
and vivian liked the candy egg. (note i said egg not eggs...that easter bunny is a smarty...he brought each kid only one egg, but two toothbrushes and toothpaste!)
dr. bauer was even kind enough to examine a very sleepy daddy with the new doctor kit.

and what a natural born baseball player!!

soon it was time to get cleaned up and head to church, we knew it would be crowded so we went super early to save nene's "back row seats".

we were surprised to see popa and dotdot came too. but the biggest surprise of the day was this...


and he slept the WHOLE time. he didn't even wake up when we laid him on the pew after service!!!! but wait....

don't worry...he "re-energized" himself by finding the secret candy stash and helping himself to a bunch (we aren't really sure how much) of candy while the rest of us changed clothes after church!! it was too funny to be mad so we just took a picture and headed to the mulhearn's.

su had a great spread, but the kids were most interested in cookies. (yes, they are wearing sweatsuits, it was 45 and raining cats and dogs....gimme a break.)

we had a wonderful family filled weekend. we wish the same blessings for you and yours... :)

easter eve

saturday started out nicely...i got up first and made everyone pancakes. vivian wanted mickey mouse with strawberries.

and bauer, well....he just wanted to eat (no surprise there).

then it was off to popa and dotdot's for a little lunch and some egg hunting.

vivian was a pro and filled her sack quickly, and even took the time to help her "brudder".

eventually bauer found one on his own.

and it was finally time to sit down and enjoy the loot.

after lunch gege and pawpaw came over and spent the afternoon. it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we spent almost all of it outdoors grilling, playing or discussing this season's plan for the flower beds. perhaps this is why i didn't take a SINGLE picture (for shame)!!

MUCH later that night after gege and pawpaw left and bauer was in bed, vivian wrote her note for the easter bunny. she then drew a picture of herself and of bauer (so he would "know which house he was visiting"), and decided on carrots, lettuce and water for a snack. (apparently his diet has improved since last year. ;)

and after a few more traditional was off to bed....i wonder what the bunny will bring?

friday night at the mulhearn's

since gege and pawpaw came into town, we decided it might be fun to eat dinner together friday night.

seth grilled delicious fish, but the kids seemed to really dig and su's cupcakes. nobody even cares that we are trying to take a's just all about the chocolate!

as part of their easter presents the kids got cute sun hats...

and even a little story time with gege!!

trial run

after some discussion, we decided it might be time for a easter "trial run". so on one of our many recent rainy afternoons...we all took turns hiding and finding eggs around the house.

bauer says "range". what a smart boy!!

and because i am a HUGE softy at holidays...we also tested out some chocolate easter bunnies...

they were a hit!
i bet you'll never guess who ate ALL of theirs?!

don't worry the boys found a way to work off those extra calories, while the girls...

started a new tradition. this year we painted wooden eggs. i thought this was a much better ideas for several reasons. cheaper, sustainable, don't have to eat all those eggs, no breaking, more age appropriate, and just more fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter past

i was attempting to do a little easter past post...but somehow it was deleted?! anywho...happy easter from the day crew...(look for an april's past next week!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

vivian's new...

EARRINGS! yep, today she and i went to merle norman (where i had my ears pierced) and she picked out some sterling silver "sparkly" ones.
here is the before...
and the after. she only cried for a second...and then was giving everyone high fives. the funny part was I cried. not for her pain, but because she is just TOO grown up....sniff sniff SNIFF!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the day's in

we did NOT go to school today (it wasn't out...we skipped).
we did NOT grocery shop, like i had planned.
we did NOT get out of our pj's until 3pm.
we did NOT do laundry, or dishes, or pick up toys.
we did NOT accomplish anything on my very long list....

we DID sleep in until 9am.
we DID snuggle and have breakfast in the big bed, and watch wubzy's big movie.
we DID have bunny shaped grill cheese and tomato soup for lunch.
we DID paint fight in the garage, and play in the yard with popa (who vivian has renamed poppy).
we DID bake birthday cookies for momo (and even shared some with gigi).
we DID discover bauer is actually red beard.

we DID have the best day ever!!!