Sunday, November 7, 2010

nashville zoo

in between giggles and cuddles, we decided to spend a day at the zoo.

this zoo is REALLY well done.

i love the bamboo forest. it is so pretty, and the animals are so close!

it was very chilly, so frances stayed bundled most of the trip. but she did manage, to her great pleasure, to find a wild paci. ;)

the new flamingo exhibit was open (even though no one wanted to pose beside it) and, they really liked it.

but, how do you truly measure a great day at the zoo? exhausted big kids collapsed in the stroller!

a this & that roadtrip

since i had a few days off, the kids were out of school, and clif would be busy working...i decided to do some of this.

which resulted in little of this....

and a lot of that. :)

and a few of these...

and even more of this!

we had a few snuggles.

and a bit of swingset adventures.

a few giggles...

and some mischief.

it was worth all 700 miles. thanks pawpaw and gege for a fun getaway!!

cool daddy

you know your daddy is cool when he lets you have mayonnaise man for dinner...

and he even let's you make your own faces!!

and you know your daddy is SUPER cool when mommy finds this...

a campout in the den, complete with wild beast encounter. ok, so maybe it is a sleeping beast...but still...

halloween 2010

trick or treat!! the kids started their night at popa and dot dot's.

our little pumpkin enjoyed her first halloween.

soon it was time to head out to the carnival with our freinds the james'...

or should i say strawberry shortcake and super mario? :)