Sunday, March 4, 2012

yeah's been forever...i'm way behind. you know the spiel. how about i just start now! :) the weather here has been unseasonably warm (it is TOTALLY my fault. i bought all three kids ski bibs. a sure fire guarantee there will be no snow\cold. but i digress...)

hey read to run?!

you betcha! after a quick "project" (a surprise for our impending anniversary) we decided to let the kids run and play...and of course take some pics!

this might be my favorite from all day. love that crew!

for the most part, this big girl was anti-picture...but she did have a lot of fun running from the camera. ;)

and even though bradford pears make me sneeze, i have to admit they are breathtakingly beautiful.

ummm....i said no pictures mom! ha..., if you hold me.

or maybe two. (just for the record, vivian took and "styled" this picture. hence the flower in my hair.)

the bigs.

still no cooperation.

and all of a sudden b got mad. he decided to pout and have a moment with beary...

wait a second....he is all better!

and before we knew, it was time to go.

many thanks to my photography assistant. i'm sure with great help like that i can promise lots more new posts. ;)