Tuesday, March 6, 2007

our memphis getaway...

so without spending too much money, what do you do for a last minute two day trip? you plan a super cheesy, elvis inspired getaway for two! i managed to get clif a couple of days off in a row, with help from his super cool boss, and decided to take my sweetie on a 5th anniversary trip. saturday night when he got off, the toyota was packed, and we headed to memphis (after a quick stop at our favorite hot wings place...trust me you are glad that i didn't take pictures, those wings can be messy!!) the next morning we awoke and headed into midtown for a brunch at the nationally famous hole-in-the-wall, brother juniper's! YUMMY! apparently, clif thought so too, because before i could get a picture of his "bulldog" omelet he had eaten half!! i had the spanikopita omelet, and those home fries were to-die-for...

with our belly's full it was on to graceland..."the platinum tour" (nothing is too good for my cliffie), where my favorite was, of course, the jungle room. who doesn't love an oversized zebra couch and green shag carpet on the floor, ceiling, and walls?

clif, of course, was partial to the tv room. which somehow seemed less gaudy than my previous tour.

because we had the platinum tour, we also saw all of elvis' cars, planes, jewelry, jumpsuits, gold/platinum records, awards, and everything else the man every touched...down to his army uniforms and wedding attire. whew...that was enough elvis to last a LOOOONG time. (i must admit that we even skipped the last part "elvis after dark", and afterwards were told we missed some great stuff, like the tv that he shot and his video games....somehow, i think we will live. (meaning no disrespect to the king.)

after our elvis education, we headed south to good ole tunica...where apparently i was so busy loosing my nickels i forgot to take pictures, except for this one at replays where we ate dinner. we had a great time though!! clif mastered this new electronic roulette, and did pretty well. i mastered nothing, but had a great time as well. although tunica has changed a lot, somethings never do...i can still amuse myself with $2 worth of nickels for an hour and a half!!

the next morning i had scheduled for clif to play eighteen holes of golf at the cottonwood golf course...it was a beautiful day to be outside!!

but obviously worked up an appetite, because here is clif chowing down on his "steam pot" of crab, corn and all the other cajun goodies. all in all it was great getaway. super big thanks to uncle seth and aunt su for keeping our little monster while we rested. and SUPER SUPER big happy happy anniversary to me and my sweetie!!


Susan said...

Glad ya'll enjoyed yourselves. We definitely enjoyed Vivian. She was fantastic. We'll keep her anytime...well except the end of May through say...August!

CathyBB said...

I've been having some trouble logging in... but finally figured it out and had to say YUM! These food posts are killing me! =) Cute people, too. ;)