Wednesday, April 25, 2007

times....they are a changin'!!!

oh, how our lives have changed over the last ten years...the wonderful bachelorette/bachelor pad and newlywed days of yore are now officially gone. as most of you remember the infamous "mustard" couch was a staple throughout college, and my single years. clif's staple was this amazing little bench that his pawpaw day made from planks of the old homestead. both, have found a happy new, and probably much easier, life in vivian's big girl room.

although, some things NEVER can clearly see, monday louise still likes a good nap on "ol' yeller"....although now she has bedtime stories by miss vivian!

and just as a little side note (to cathy, especially) my picture taking skills, have obviously not improved over the last ten years. who could catch both the dog and kid with their eyes closed but me?!


lesley said...

I love the color of Vivian's room! What is the paint color called??
She is just too cute!

Megan said...

This last picture is so funny! Good job photographer. I love reading your blog.

CathyBB said...

LOL! Just as funny as promised! I find that picture quite charming, to tell you the truth... and know I couldn't catch that moment if I TRIED. Besides, the top photo is ADORABLE.

And I have to say I really REALLY like that couch! It seems Vivian does too, so yippee! Is she sleeping in the big-girl bed yet?

CathyBB said...

I'm back... Luke and Natalie are with me looking at the blog. (Nicholas is "neigh-ing" with his toy horses, sorry... he has no time for looking at pictures.)But anyway, Natalie is VERY happy to hear that Vivian can say "Natalie" and she hopes we can see you soon and wants to play babies with Vivian.

P.S. Luke says Vivian is cute!

P.S. Again: Nicholas says "Wait! I like Baby Livian too!" =)