Thursday, May 24, 2007

mawmaw day's house

...and finally we arrived at maw maw's house. this is brownie, commonly known as round-brown, due to her healthy curvy figure. she is the quintessential farm dog, and was very sweet to vivian, following her everywhere that she went.

vivian loved every minute of her visit with her great grandmother. she especially enjoyed tooling around the 52 acre farm on the "tractor". (please note that this is the baby tractor, i was too scared to let her ride the enormous big blue thing that is twice as tall as me!)

on a side note...notice that mommy isn't driving the tractor. daddy did offer to teach mommy but she declined. (if i have made it thirty years without knowing how, i will make it another thirty.) vivian is, of course, right at home on that crazy green must be day genetics!!

of course with vivian's strange love of all things "moo" she was completely enamoured with the cows. she patiently pointed to each of them and would name them either, mommy, daddy, or baby. very percpetive little girl, since many were pregnant or had just had babies.
all in all, we had a wonderful visit with family all across the southeast. we are now safely home and awaiting the arrival of our nephew, setler griffin. it should be any day/moment now, so check back for pictures of the newest addition to our family!


CathyBB said...

My official opinion is that this is PLENTY of tractor for a 1-year-old!!!! Whew! =)

Susan said...

Glad ya'll had so much fun! I know everyone enjoyed ya'll. Vivian looks precious in all those outfits! I'm so jealous as my TOES won't touch a beach this summer. You know that's a first in...well forever.

Laurie said...

great pictures all around I enjoyed this viist with all family,

It was wonderful for you to make the trip, Vivian is going to be a favorite down south...

Love. Laurie

PS have Cliff call if Joan and greg get to crazy to tell us about susan, 423-636-0999