Tuesday, June 12, 2007

just for the heck of it...

after hours of browsing through old pictures for a father's day project i am working on....i came across this: a picture of the famous yankee cousin cathy and i when we were little. even then she was kind enough (not to mention patient enough) to try and teach her younger cousin new things.

...and of course he we are last summer....my, my, how we have grown!! pictured below are luke, natalie, nicky (trying to escape), vivian (checking out nicky trying to escape), cathy and myself....and of course the pursed lip stranger in the background...hey, amazing cousin cathy can you delete her? hehehe....love you girl, thanks for the old memories, can't wait to see what the NEXT thirty years will bring!!


CathyBB said...

So I heard about this "bl-ode" and had to check it out! ;)

Eee! It's meee! =) I am MOST honored!!! But, I have to admit, SCOOPED! I have had this same picture just WAITING for its appropriate day to become a "bl-ode." Ya beat me to it! ;) Well I'll just have to come up with Plan B. (I have 30 years, right?)

One final thought; I can't resist... do you find it amusing that I have a top/bra strap falling off in BOTH photos???? I AM going to Photoshop out pursed-lip stranger AND the bra strap! =)

lesley said...

Yes Somer my brother attends SCAD~!
We are planning on visting him there after the baby gets here. I have never been & he's been there going on 2 years. My parents say its beautiful. They bought him a house & he has 3 roommates. He loves it there!
He also made the Dean's list this past semester! I am one proud SIS! Didn't realize you lived in Savannah!
Oh btw,I am feeling great other than a few back pains!!!