Sunday, June 10, 2007

mini clif

so we all know that vivian LOOKS exactly like her daddy, but did you know that she is his "mini-me". after recently discovering her love of playdoh, she decided today to add a new twist (clif-style)...

just like her daddy she is a true chef, and is seen here making her latest recipe "blue playdoh potato surprise souffle". (what can i say the girl loves her carbs!)

but of course, as any good mini-me would tell is imperative that you know where your counterpart is at all times. on saturday, she lost sight of him for just a few minutes....he was quickly located. "hi, daddy, hi. doin' daddy?"

and of course, finally, and possibly the most important of all mini-me MUST show support! clif made a fine spaghetti dinner for miss vivian, and she is loving every bite. she is definitely a daddy's girl to the core...AND a great brinker spokesperson!!


CathyBB said...

Okay you were right - that is FUN-NY!!!!

lesley said...

She is just too adorable!
Boy, the personality she has!
How are you feeling???

Susan said...

haha...cute pics. Love the outfit in the shower shot. Naked eating...I see that in Setler's future too. Could actually be beneficial now...with his spit up skills, he should be permenantly naked.

Stephanie, Rex, Ruby, & Trip said...

I'm so glad that Vivian is now into Playdoh. Ruby loves it too so we'll have to see what yummy things they can craft together on our next play date.=)