Monday, July 30, 2007

setler's baptism

the littlest mulhearn was baptized on sunday. he was the perfect little angel throughout the service (despite his mother and father's deepest fears he would be otherwise).

rev. dede roberts officiated at first methodist in conway...and all of the day-mulhearn's managed to look very serious during the service. ;)

after church we went back to su and seth's for a cookout and some family fun. the day family has grown over the last few years...joan has this great picture of the four of them (greg, joan, clif and su) circa 2000-ish, on the fridge and it always makes me giggle. in just a few short weeks we will be a family of NINE!!

if i do say so myself, we sure are a good looking crew!! and as you can clearly tell these grandparents aren't the least bit proud. ;)


Susan said...

So glad ya'll could make it and be a part of Setler's special day! Can't wait for #9 to arrive!