Friday, August 10, 2007

those darling dillman boys

vivian recently had a play date with drew and ben (aka the dillman boys), and had a wonderful time. drew is two weeks older than vivian and was in her class last year,and will be in her class again this year at school.

however, since the dillman boys were both born weighing over ten pounds, it is ben, drew's younger brother, that is exactly vivian's size. vivian and ben are one day short of being EXACTLY one year apart....and yet even at this young age, you can see what a ham and a sweetie he is!

after a delicious lunch (yes, jill actually made a real lunch of chicken salad and fresh fruit...AND cute little pudding, oreo, worm cups for the kids!!) the kids had great time dancing and playing ring around the rosie. thanks for a great day dillman's!! can't wait to do it again soon! :)


CathyBB said...

These are cute - Vivian looks so grown up in that first photo!!!