Wednesday, September 5, 2007

bauer's big day

as is tradition in our family (we have the exact same pose when we left to have vivian) here is our leaving for the hospital shot...yes that is really ALL my belly!! hard to believe, but in just a few short hours a human being will emerge...

here are clif and i right before being wheeled into delivery. i learned form the last time that better to sit up straight and not look at clif ...this pose when vivian was born, became quickly known as the "somer eats clif" picture!

and finally the moment of truth...bauer gregory day arrives!! he was covered in vernix and let out a nice loud cry. check out the cheesy grin on that sliced open mom!

...and of course the best moment ever...the moment i first saw my son! most everyone has seen the proud daddy face, but this time i got to be a part of the picture too...much thanks to miss joni, my kick butt anesthesiologist for taking pics AND giving good drugs...what more could you ask for?


CathyBB said...

I'd like to go on record saying it's true - I have done NO EDITING to the belly photo! ;)

About the moment of truth photo... look how big Bauer is compared to your little self! Holy cow!!!

I love this photog/anesthesiologist Joni person. The family photo is GREAT!

clif, somer, and vivian said...

i almost forgot to mention that the lady standing on the right is miss connie. she has been a scrub tech for over ten YEARS...and has never failed to help "push" the baby out. (i mean come on look at her...she has a little something something behind her push) bauer ruined her perfect record...and alas we had to use forceps!!

Beth said...

Great photos! I love the proud Mommy and Daddy photo at the end! Who was your nurse?

Tonette said...

I am Lesley's friend in Fay. Just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful family. Your kids are darling!! Great pictures!!