Sunday, September 9, 2007

happy birthday VIVIAN!!!

today is officially vivian's second birthday. i can hardly believe it has been two whole years since this little being first appeared. as most of you know she is full of opinions (where does she get that?) and has a heart of is hard to remember the pre-vivian era, but then again who wants to? ;) happy happy 2nd birthday miss vivian!!!!*

*on a side note the party yesterday was a huge success, thanks to everyone's help. pictures soon to follow... :)


Susan said...

Happy birthday to our beautiful niece.
Love, Uncle Seth and Aunt Su

Setler sends his hugs and kisses too! :)

John, Shannon, & Jackson: said...

Happy birthday! We had a great time yesterday.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Vivian!! I hope you had a great time at your party!

The Skinner's said...


CathyBB said...

Happy birthday!!!! We actually sang to Miss Vivian yesterday - Mom was trying to do voice lessons with the kids, with varying results! ;)

I'm anxiously awaiting those pictures!