Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the hospital days...

so as i said, they wanted to watch bauer's respirations very carefully so he was admitted to the nicu. this didn't keep us from taking tons of pictures (cathy, aren't you proud?)

and even big sister vivian was able to visit..although as you can tell she was a little scared of all the machines.

finally bauer's tachypnea resolved and we were able to room together. here are his first pictures "tube free" AND with clothes!! this outfit was sent to him from nebraska by his cousin darlene...

and of course MOST important...were the grandparent pictures. gege could hardly wait to get her hands on her new little man (he seems to know just exactly how important she is...look at him checking her out!)

and of course popa and dottie came to visit as well. he also seemed to note that this was THE guy to take naps with...sorry, dad, but we know it's true! ;)


CathyBB said...

I am SO proud of all the pictures!!! Thank you so much for posting... now go rest!!!

PS I called Mom to tell her about the outfit - he looks adorable! =)

CathyBB said...

I'm home with the kids now and they're VERY impressed with Bauer and his lovey big sister.

I have one more thought... are you going to be color-coordinating Clif and his son EVERY day? ;)I like the green shirt with the gymmie outfit and the pale blue with the coming-home outfit!