Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bauer power

this week i realized that poor, poor, baby bauer truly is a second child. at this point vivian had hundreds of pictures taken, and bauer is lucky if he even manages to get IN the shot with big sister around! so this week i made it my mission to take his picture, and have some one-on-one time with him. i also thought an update might be in order, so here goes: he has been smiling for a couple of weeks, but has just started to laugh...he is great at holding his head up and following his big sister all around the room...he isn't too keen on baths (but that is ok, because most of the time i can't find the time or energy to give him one)...he sleeps a good seven hours straight at night...and might be a little bit more like vivian than i originally thought.

for instance, this is clif's favorite picture (see what a showboat he can be...just like vivian!). he is definitely "pumped up" don't you think?

these are my favorites....mr. serious.....oh wait....he couldn't help himself...heheheee

the pout. enough said!

the super cheese (it's genetic) and of course his signature smirk. i must admit we get a LOT of the smirk. it might be HIS favorite!


CathyBB said...

I. Love. The BAUER POWER!!!

Amy and David said...

I love his smile, what a handsome little one!!!

Megan said...

Cute pictures

Susan said...

Ok, Bauer is your Clark child, no doubt. He and Jackson favor each other so much! But, despite the look-alike meter, Vivian is DAY!

Susan said...

P.S. Love the muscle flexing pic. Set likes to show off his biceps in photos as well! Boys!