Thursday, November 29, 2007

growing babies...

so because the computer has been down a few days, i am behind in my baby updates. bauer is getting to be a big boy...he has begun sitting in his bumbo (although he is SOOOO skinny i think i should put a blanket in there with him!) as you can tell he really likes it...

vivian is embracing her two's. here she is wearing.....HER BROTHER'S OUTFIT!!! yes, it is actually a three to six month sweatsuit (if you look closely you can see the pants are knickers)!! the yellow is her princess gown, and of course, no outfit is complete without her size 11 pink boots (she wears a size 5). she really thinks she is a fashionista!! ;) she is growing more independent everyday...asking questions, and letting us know, "no, I can do it!"

bauer continues to develop a little personality of his own...and look at that sweet face! :)

vivian, on the other hand is using her sweet face to her advantage...when i asked her is she had been "eating" the blue playdoh, her big doe-eyed response was "no mommy, no eat playdoh." uuuuhhhhhh, i think you might be busted've got a little something on your chin!!

and of course the real job, besides corralling this catching it all on camera! ok, so maybe the crew sometimes isn't very cooperative, or even happy about it (you think he is saying, "mom, puhhhleeeease" ...but they'll thank me someday!! :)


CathyBB said...

These pictures of Bauer just make me want to rub his fuzzy little head! ;)

Natalie will be thrilled to pieces to see Vivian's ensemble! Tell her well done!