Thursday, November 1, 2007

pumpkin painting

so being the overly protective, but creative, mother that i am...we went for pumpkin PAINTING rather than CARVING! as you can see vivian LOVED it! (yes that is my tank top and not a dress she is wearing!)

after we painted for a while, vivian informed me she needed to "mark" the pumpkin. after a brief drying spell, and maybe even a snack or two, we came inside and got out the markers. she is very intense, don't you think?
and here of course in the finished project. it actually looks very pretty sitting on the china cabinet. and if you were wondering what bauer was doing during all the artistic excitement...

he was having a great time with this gege. i think there might have even been a little flirting going on....look at that killer grin! :)


Megan said...

Looks like Vivian is going to be artistic-just like you, Somer!

Susan said...

I think Bauer looks like Jackson in that last pic.

CathyBB said...

Oh dear. I'm on cuteness overload here. You know what you're forcing me to do! =)

1. Love the little ar-teest. She is INTO it.
2. You realize don't you, that you're probably the ONLY person with an art kid like THAT? WOW!
3. Bauer's smile is PRECIOUS!