Friday, January 4, 2008

hot springs getaway

so the real reason that i am so far behind on my blogging is because the day after christmas we left for the lake house in hot springs. (thanks rob and mr. & mrs. g!) since clif's new job required two weeks there, we thought it might be fun to tag along! clif worked alot, but all of my old high school crew was in town. including, but not limited to: the aforementioned rob, jenny & her sweetie nick, greg kennedy (from japan, no less) sean bowman, mary chapman, natasha lavelle, and, of course aunt cyn and amy. (check back later for those pics). however it wasn't all work and no play for clif. one afternoon (while aunt nancy watched bauer) we took vivian to mid-america museum. she loved the famous "sphere"...

and even though she is so tiny we had to put her ON the table...she enjoyed building bridges and arches.

...looking at all the fish (contrary to her facial expression),

and playing in the sand with daddy!

she even was a brave girl and got on the sun and earth scales...look how tiny she really is!!

even when clif was at work, the kids and i had a lot of fun. we threw rocks in the lake...and ran...and played hard....

apparently a little too hard some days....heheheheeee (she REFUSED to sleep)!

hot springs was fun for all...even bauer, who while there learned to love his exersaucer. we can't wait until next time...thanks again greenbergs!


CathyBB said...

1. Love the sleeping photo

2. LOVE Bauer's grin!

3. God Bless the wonderful person who invented the exersaucer!

4. Love the dress... SCD original???

Megan said...

I love that picture of Clif and Vivian on the scales. And Vivian's little hat with the face and pig tails is soooo cute!!