Thursday, January 10, 2008


so for those of you who don't know, this week has been a wild one. aside from clif being out of town...vivian has come down with pinkeye\runny nose\wet cough (which turned out to be massive ear infection)...bauer has begun teething and REFUSES to sleep in longer than three and a half hour stretches, and mommy's ankle issue she had when she was pregnant is back. so yeah, folks, it is the trifecta here! did i mention vivian has to have eye drops and oral meds? (fun fun fun for everyone!) ANYHOW, i figured i had it easy...poor, poor, clif was working his fingers to the bone, learning his new gig, and traveling via airplane or car all over the country. YEAH RIGHT! look who clif had dinner with last night. jack frickin black. what a hard, hard, life poor cliffie leads!

ps NO that is not clif's new is jen red (isn't she cute!) who helped get him the q job and is now training him.


CathyBB said...

If you need me to confirm that this is a REAL photo, it's true! I've done no "Cathy" alterations whatsoever!


Megan said...

I bet that was a fun dinner!

Susan said...

You beat me to it. He emailed me that photo too, and I told him it'd make the blog.