Tuesday, January 29, 2008

today is YOUR birthday...

and even though (in this picture) it looks like you are praying for mercy...you will find NONE here!!! :) here is a WONDERFUL walk down memory lane...in honor of your special day...
is that a pink and purple sweater? who would have guessed that a blonde haired blankenau girl would wear such a thing? ;)
ohhhhh...the cheesy grin has an origin! could it have all started with this cute school age blonde in this VERY stylish shirt?
ohhhhh and look at those legs!! you couldn't have been more than twelve...and they are already at LEAST a 34 inseam!!
and most importantly....look kids your mom is having a lot of fun!! (don't look kids she isn't wearing a seat belt, a helmet, or any protective gear WHAT-SO-EVER....and yet she lived to tell about it!!)
so i hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane....happy, happy birthday to the crazy, catholic, woman i admire, yankee, stunning, blonde goddess, six foot, cousin cathy!!!! :)


CathyBB said...

Ohhh my, where to begin??? =)

1. Thank you SO MUCH for my very own birthday post! I'm feeling a bit better about this age bracket already! =)

2. My prayer in that photo ACTUALLY went, "Please don't ever let ANYONE see me in this STUPID floppy necktie!"

3. Didja see the beads on my shoelaces? I thought they were SO cool. I totally bet I could still fit in those jeans... HAAAaahahaaahahaaaaa!!!!

4. That's my fifth-grade photo and I was THRILLED to have picked out my own UBER-cool shirt, and to have done my own hair! =) That was obviously pre-headgear & braces!

5. Ahhh, I remember the pink-and-purple Jordache swimsuit well. It had matching pink-and-purple shorts! Pink and purple... what gives you the idea I wore that a lot? And sadly, no, not 12 - I was 10! I think I should go put a brick on Luke's head, huh?

5b. I'd like to say that Cindy is NOT drowning in that photo... she was just always very ENTHUSIASTIC about water!

6. I was definitely 10 in the bottom photo... Des Moines, 1983 ... where did that come from??? I haven't seen that one in AGES! Love it! But you'll notice while Christy is waving, I have BOTH HANDS securely on the grip bar! ;)

Thanks again!

Susan said...

Great pics.

Amy and David said...

Those are awesome pics of your cousin!! Thanks for your sweet comments!! Losing a parent is one of the hardest things to go through. It is really hard on my sister and I right now, she is getting married in June and my baby in July. You hate to know that can't be right there with you :(

Brandy said...

I love old pictures!! I do a "Throwback Thursday" Every week!! I lurked over from Charlie & Megan..

I was wondering if you'd be interested in a bloggy re-design. Maybe a cute header to match your background?

I am just getting started and would love to do one for you if you are interested. You can see some of my work here:


Let me know if you are interested!

Megan said...

Love the old pictures. They bring back the best memories.