Sunday, March 16, 2008

yet ANOTHER post...

we have been going to the park almost every day since the weather has been so nice. so after vivian's nap today, it was no surprise that she thought we should get in the stroller and head down the street (even though it was a bit on the chilly side).

anyone who has met bauer knows this is ABSOLUTELY him....that big, beautiful, loving smile (ok, so maybe i am a BIT prejudice). but the funniest pictures, by far, are the ones where clif tried to surprise vivian and i by climbing up the slide. wait for it....

here we are...a bit surprised...

then she said, "hey, i get you, daddy!!" teeeheeeheeee!!! :)


CathyBB said...

I just got online to email you about my "brush stroke" woes - and look at this magnificent surprise: a TON of posts! =) These are all for ME, right??? Cathy commentary:

1. ADORABLE LITTLE MAN!!! Raise his allowance! ;)

2. As per my Smith-family-member duty, can I say this kid definitely has your genetics???

2b. Forgot to mention in your anniversary post, the picture of you in the first shot really reminded me of your mom. =)

3. Candid shots are the best! Well done, surprise-inducing, slide-climbing, photographer-daddy Clif!

4. I have to admit, I thought that white tree in the background MUST be covered in snow... I mean, what ELSE could it possibly be in March?

5. Therefore, when I zoomed in I saw you have very nice earrings on! ;)