Thursday, June 26, 2008

play, grow, play

bauer is changing so much. our new neighbor, sam, said the other day how he couldn't believe such a little baby could have so many expression. i never really thought about it until i started to look at some of his recent pictures. here are just a few in his repertoire:

the "hehehe" grin

the "ahhhhaaahhhhaaa" laugh

the cheese. i can't belive he is almost ten months, time is flying by and my baby is getting to be a big boy. and speaking of big kids...

miss vivian has been an angel with her brother lately. she is such a helper (and doesn't mind telling you...saying "mommy, look....i big BIG help you.")

play dates have even been more fun...she and ruby are getting along great (for the most part), taking turns in the sand and water table (minus the sand), and playing dress up, and giving each other love (even though it looks like strangulation).

sniff, sniff, where are my tiny babies?! i am quickly realizing this summer is flying by...this is the reason my blogging has been lagging...i am trying to soak up family time. i hope you are doing the same, and enjoying the gorgeous weather we have been blessed with thus far....if not, get off the computer and go do so...NOW! ;)


CathyBB said...

I can't leave the computer... I see more new posts down there!!!

I agree... the kids DO look really big all of a sudden! And cute as always!

Tony, Jennifer, and Nicholas said...

Your babies are TOO cute! They are growing so fast...I can't wait to see them...and you guys too of course!