Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tammy faye vivian

for those of you that are new to this parenting thing here is a VERY valuable piece of information. quiet does not necessarily mean good. and here is the proof.
bible study\dinah's birthday brunch is at my house tomorrow, so while i was downstairs pulling out the cup and saucers, finding my flatware, ironing linens, etc...vivian decided to decorate herself with mascara.

i have NO idea where she comes up with these hair-brained ideas!! oh well, at least the mascara was a lot easier to wash off her face than the chocolate was to come out of the carpet, right?!


Cilla Clark said...

i thought that Parker was the only one who did this sort of thing. She painted her WHOLE face one day. When i realized what was going on, it came to me that she really had a steady hand putting the mascara on...but she calls it mas-cary. go figure. I guess all we can do is laugh about it. It is much better than chocolate stains. Hope you all are well.

Susan said...

Yay, now we can do make-overs!

CathyBB said...

Tee hee! "Mascary" is definitely the word! Somer, you definitely have the right positive spin - this is better than the Great Chocolate Fiasco!

P.S. I showed Natalie and her comment was, "Ooops!" =)