Monday, November 3, 2008

silly gooses!

there are a million reasons why i love my kiddos, but definitely one of the top five is their amazing ability to make me laugh. not just giggle or smirk, but that awesome, deep belly laugh that as a kid comes so easily.

for example(s): this is one of vivian's doll toys. a little bouncy seat of sorts, BUT bauer thinks it is HIS bouncy! of course, if he does something she is soon to follow. she looks SO tall in this doll high chair.

then there is vivian and her incessant need for books at or two are not nearly enough. "i need PLENTY, mommy." this night i caught her sitting upright SNORING! :)
"hey mom, where did my cheerios go?"
"uhhh...check in your mouth, son."
"hide me, baby bauer!!"
"hey, we said NO paparazzi."

seriously, the BEST kids EVER!! :)
maybe i'll go dugger and have ten more...


Jenny said...

those two are a riot! i love them so much!

CathyBB said...

"Go Duggar!" Tee hee! Now you just go ahead and do that - you know I'll be rooting for ya! ;)

P.S. The paparazzi photo is great!