Friday, January 30, 2009

not-so-baby bauer and the boston red sox

sometimes in life it is just easier to list than to write in complete sentences. today is such a day...
1. vivian spent last night at ruby's. so mommy and mr. bauer had some bonding time.
2. if ONLY it really were baseball season and wear flip flops again.

3. my sweet boy is turning into a chunky monkey (only 1.5 lbs shy of his big sister).
4. cathy, i hope these pictures will suffice...i haven't finished the alphabet.
5. sorry kat, i know you love st.loius....but i must confess, we have boston ties.
6. jenny....these are for you. happy belated blog birthday!
7. i double dog dare you to say this baby looks like clif....MEMEMEMEEEE!!!! ;)
8. have a great weekend everyone!


Jenny said...

bauer definitely looks like you! he's starting to look more like clif, but you're ahead by a mile! :-)

st. louis can be your national league team and the sox can be your american league team. :-)

thanks again for these pix! they are awesome!


CathyBB said...

I will now forever more think of those as "B-for-Bauer" hats! =)

katandkarl said...

nooo! not the sox! ;)

however, you both look superadorable in the hats so i guess i can live with it. :)