Thursday, January 22, 2009

vivian's first haircut

today was THE big day...haircut day. after a brief consultation with miss stacey...

we were pretty excited to sit in the big girl chair.

uh-oh....maybe we are just a weeee bit nervous?!

nah...we are good, mom!!
and snip snip...we were all done! (honestly it was just about four inches at the bottom, and after talking about it for WEEKS, she acted like it was no biggie!)

after sitting SO still, and being so brave, we were off to do WHATEVER miss vivian could think of....and what did my girl pick? the zoo.

it was there i realized my camera battery was dying, but not before i captured these two wild cuties!! :)


CathyBB said...

Uh, Somer, do you remember wishing Vivian could grow some hair? Yeah, I think your genes have most definitely kicked in!

Natalie is so proud of Vivian and thinks she looks beautiful!

Stacia said...

That is my hair salon =)
Jenn does mine...and Vivian looks so pretty.