Tuesday, March 3, 2009

valentine's day

on valentine's day clif and i had the honor of attending a benefit at the peabody honoring our dear friends the lewis'. popa and dotdot were sweet enough to watch the kiddos while we enjoyed being "fancy grown-ups".

bauer and vivian also got a little surprise from their gege and pawpaw. gege came to visit for a week or so and gave them both really neat cards....

and super cool shades!!

each kid also had a great party at school...but this is the only picture. vivian is almost more excited than bauer, over his very first school valentine goody!!
and speaking of goodies....miss addie got lots....at her little rock bridal shower (it was the 15th)! i must admit it was the best shower i have EVER been too...i can hardly wait for the wedding!! :)