Saturday, March 7, 2009

wye mountain

every year, when i was a small child my grandmother and grandad bauer would take my sister and i to wye mountain. i remember thinking the drive and the flowers would go on forever...
well....i was right about the flowers. they are still lovely, and this year we started the tradition with our children. it was a great success, they loved it....

however, the picture taking...well, it was a little less than successful.

not unlike her mother, vivian got car sick on the ride to the mountain, threw up and then immediately wanted to eat (not have her picture made) SIGH!
and well....setler says it best in this picture, "oh to heck with it!"
but after a brief picnic lunch...bauer was his silly old self again.

and enjoyed some foolishness with his daddy!

we had a wonderful time and can't wait to carry on the day\mulhearn tradition next year!
gives new meaning to kissing


Kelly said...

I'm jealous of all of you central AR people who are always getting pics made at Wye mountain. The kids are soooooo cute!

Susan said...

We had a blast too and got some great pictures. I have more to post; check back on my blog later. Also, thanks for sharing your picnic lunch with Setler. He especially enjoyed the strawberries...ALL of them.

And, about the bottom post. You're lucky they're both so willing to brush their teeth. It takes both of us and a head-lock manuver to get Setler's brushed.

CathyBB said...

I am so jealous of these photos, too. I am predicting we don't see anything even resembling a flower here for WEEKS. Weeeeks! The kids are playing outside and Nicky said it's hot. It's 45 degrees. And cloudy. PLBBBBT.

My angst aside, the bottom picture is fabulous! Sheesh, there goes another little dude who should be a BABY getting all big!

jenny said...

What fun pictures! It's nice to see daffodils blooming while it's snowing over here! The kids are way too cute! I just wanna give 'em all a big ole smooch!