Monday, April 13, 2009

easter eve

saturday started out nicely...i got up first and made everyone pancakes. vivian wanted mickey mouse with strawberries.

and bauer, well....he just wanted to eat (no surprise there).

then it was off to popa and dotdot's for a little lunch and some egg hunting.

vivian was a pro and filled her sack quickly, and even took the time to help her "brudder".

eventually bauer found one on his own.

and it was finally time to sit down and enjoy the loot.

after lunch gege and pawpaw came over and spent the afternoon. it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we spent almost all of it outdoors grilling, playing or discussing this season's plan for the flower beds. perhaps this is why i didn't take a SINGLE picture (for shame)!!

MUCH later that night after gege and pawpaw left and bauer was in bed, vivian wrote her note for the easter bunny. she then drew a picture of herself and of bauer (so he would "know which house he was visiting"), and decided on carrots, lettuce and water for a snack. (apparently his diet has improved since last year. ;)

and after a few more traditional was off to bed....i wonder what the bunny will bring?