Sunday, May 17, 2009

ruby spends the night

last thursday after school ruby came over to spend the night. even though steph has had vivian several times, this was a first for us! steph marked the event with a special surprise for both girls!

matching short sets and fun sun glasses!! i think the girls liked them.
after a full day of playing and giggling, it was time to get cleaned up and snuggle up with popcorn and a movie. ruby brought her favorite "barbie's princess and the pauper".

the next morning the girls were only too happy to get dressed up in their new goodies!! they look TOO cute! but wait...i know you are worried about bauer and what he did.... could say he enjoyed himself....or maybe he even found his inner elton john?! ;)


Susan said...

Cuuuuute. Me and Carlee used to get matching outfits every year. I cherish those photos; I know Vivian and Ruby will adore these in years to come. Love the glasses!

jenny said...

somer, you need a matching outfit with both girls, too!! :-)

Megan said...

Love the side ponytails on the girls. I always wore a side pony when I was growing up.