Wednesday, August 5, 2009

deep thoughts

b: oh buzz, i love you, buzz. you are the coolest EVER! take me to your home planet...i will be your wingman!! did i mention i love you?!
v: weeeee....weeeee....mommy gave me a quarter!! :)


The Henrys said...

I love this picture of Bauer. I think my son, Will (who is the same age) would look like that if he ever met Elmo or Cookie Monster!

Susan said...

Setler is still obsessede with Toy Story. I bought him a $5 Walmart shirt with Woody and Buzz on it. Where is this?

CathyBB said...

I'm gone for just a few days and you have 400 new posts?!?!?! =)

Nicholas saw this and went, "Ooooooh!" Tell Bauer he's very proud!