Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the MOST beautiful holiday decor!

what happens when you need christmas decor but are on a strict budget?

when it is too cold to go outside...and paper grocery sacks, are lying around waiting to be recycled?

when mommy has an excess of sharpie markers and kid's paint?

AND she refuses to get everyone dressed for the entire day?

happy little children spend the day making holiday wreaths!!

yeah!! (and yes that is baby jesus, mary and joseph. we are making a conscious effort around here to put a little less commercialization and a little more CHRIST in christmas!)


CathyBB said...

Ohhhh, we LOVE the art projects! Woo hoo!

My personal fave is Baby Jesus... exactly how my mom would draw Him!

Megan said...

You're giving me some great ideas for the years to come with M&B. Cute! Thanks for the fabulous Christmas card. Your kiddos are sooo precious. I would love to bring the twins to meet yall. How are you feeling Somer? Any names for baby girl Day yet?

jenny said...

awesome decorations! i'm all for homemade decorations and using recycled material! i think they make nicer decorations, and they're more from the heart. i agree about the commercialization of holidays...i think seeing christmas decorations in september is one of the crassest moves from department stores. yuck!

Susan said...

First, YAY for updates. I was about to threaten to hijack and post myself. lol

Great project. Where'd you get those big handled paint brushes?! Can't wait til Set has siblings to do this stuff with. I can only imagine my walls/floors afterwards though!

The Walkers said...

Guess who's back- back again...
Welcome back my Day friends. I have been stalking but if I saw "Outside please" one more time I was going to stop ;). LOVE the wreaths, and since you already have to help me with sewing projects, can us please draw me a Mary and baby Jesus :)? Seriously, mine would look like scary stick people, not that Sydney would mind... and I guess that is the point-? Thanks also for the sermon the other night- much needed!!!

CathyBB said...

Oh Miss Somer, Natalie and I are snowed in and longing for Day posts... hint, hint, hint. ;)